3 Foods That Will Make Your Menopause Symptoms Worse

By Jane Lamason

Jul 05
3 Foods That Will Make Your Menopause Symptoms Worse

Menopause symptoms for some women can be difficult and include, putting on weight especially around our mid section, hot flushes, night sweats, poor sleep quality, lack of energy, brain fog and more. These are my top 3 foods for making these menopause symptoms worse.

Step away from that sugar ladened chocolate brownie.. 

Thanks to lower levels of oestrogen and progesterone during menopause we can experience increased sugar cravings.

Resist the urge to grab calorie rich processed and high carbohydrate foods like cakes, sweets and cookies. When we eat these sugary foods we set up a chain reaction of imbalanced hormones which could lead to weight gain and mood swings.

The increase in sugar also stimulates our hunger hormone making us crave more of what is bad for us.

Instead of these high calorie foods look for nutrient dense foods. Foods high in fiber or protein will make you feel fuller for longer and will help to improve blood sugar controll and the effect of insulin.

For a list of yummy and healthy breakfasts see Healthy Breakfast Alternatives To Cereal

That habit of having a drink at the end of a bad day…

Stop it!

Women going through menopause often suffer from poor sleep which is caused by the lower levels of oestrogen lower melatonin production and possibly night sweats. 

Unfortunately alcohol is also known to decrease melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating your sleep cycles.

I am not suggesting that you give up alcohol altogether. Just be aware that it may contribute to disrupting your sleep. A glass of wine on the weekend or with friends once in a while will not cause too much damage.

That very yummy layer of fat on your pork chop..

Chop it off!

And no more chicken skin for you.

Saturated fats that are often found in processed food dairy products and meats should be avoided. Try to choose unsaturated fats found in olive oil avocados Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, seeds and oily fish.

Eat only small amounts of high-quality saturated fats such as butter and cheese.

The one fat to definitely avoid at all costs is trans fats. It has no nutritional value and has not been approved as safe to eat.

3 Foods That Will Make Your Menopause Symptoms Worse

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