3 Natural And Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy Now

By Jane Lamason

Feb 01
Boost Your Energy

Some days it seems you spend most of your time looking for a better way to boost your energy.

Those mornings when the alarm goes off and you all “WTF I just shut my eyes.”

You feel so fatigued all you really want to do is reach for another energy drink or coffee. Well step away from that fourth coffee and put down that drink that has dizzyingly high quantities of caffeine and sugar.

Here are 3 natural and simple things you can do immediately to boost your energy.

1. Take A Stroll Outside

Fresh air is still free, so get outside for a 10-minute wonder in nature where you can see trees and plants. You will very quickly feel more energised. Being out in nature is a known stress reliever but more than that it also increases brain activity and creativity.

If it is sunny all the better. Exposure to light tells the body to stay awake. Of course, you don’t have to go outside for the light you can sit by the window and enjoy the view from there or even just switch on the lights.

2. Do Some Yoga

Active poses that gently stretch the body and promote blood flow can really combat feelings of fatigue.

Yoga is also a great way to improve some of those aches and pains that occur due to poor posture or sitting for long periods.

Try a gentle cobra pose which stretches many of the upper body muscles. It also opens 4 chakras in your upper body allowing the energy to flow and reducing fatigue.

A downward dog is a pose everyone knows. It will help you to feel rejuvenated and revitalised as well as promote energy flow.

3. Eat a few nuts

Always have a few nuts on hand. A handful of Almonds, for instance, will help to immediately boost your energy levels and maintain them evenly through the day. Protein is slower to break down in the body than carbohydrates so provides a more sustainable energy source.

Almonds also contain magnesium which helps arteries and veins to relax and so promoting better blood flow.

If you are used to having a coffee or some other form of pick-me-up when you are feeling low on energy then I urge you to try these alternatives.

Although I would never support drinking any of the various energy drinks on the market one or two coffees a day is perfectly fine. Caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine allowing neurotransmitters like Dopamine to increase. This improves the firing of your neurons. So a little coffee can make you smarter. I call that a win!

3 Natural And Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy Now

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