3 Steps To Clear The Clutter In Your Life

By Jane

Dec 05
3 Steps To Clear The Clutter In Your Life

Clear Out The Old Before Bringing In The New

The theory behind this exercise to clear the clutter in your life is to clear out the old before you bring in the new.

If you think about when you redecorate your living room, it’s very difficult to a new couch when you haven’t taken the old one out. Lug that old thing out of there and get the new one in place.

I would like to take you through three crucial areas of your life where clutter may be blocking the flow of energy.

You can then determine which of these areas need clearing and create conditions for success in your life?

Studies show that excess clutter that is, excess physical clutter, also clutters the mind. Your external world reflects your internal world.

What’s cool about that is that we can reverse engineer that by cleaning your external world, and noticing how that makes room to shift internally.

An internal shift is so important to enable you to create space in your life.

It will leave the pathway clear to encounter new ideas, concepts, people and opportunities for your health, your life, and your career.

Not clearing the clutter before starting on a transformative experience can spell disaster even before you have begun.

Negative Thoughts

You know those thoughts that say you don’t deserve great outcomes, that you don’t deserve this great outcome so you stop what you’re doing because having those thoughts must mean that something is wrong.

But you are very wrong. Having those thoughts is a completely normal part of the growth process that occurs when you decide to create a life you love.

When you decide to stretch beyond the boundaries of where most people give up. When you decide to strike out from the pack and bring your inner genius out into the spotlight.

As a matter of fact, something is wrong if you don’t have those thoughts. If your self-monkey chatter doesn’t get triggered and say, “Stop!”

If you are outside your comfort zone you’re doing something right. It may feel like you’re taking a flying leap without a net but no amazing aerialist ever wowed the crowd standing on their platform.

So, make a commitment, a decision about who you want to be, and about how you want to live. Then act on that decision.

From today on, operate from the place that success, whatever success means for you, is inevitable.

Operate From A Place Of Success


Say you want to add exercise to your life.

Maybe you love running but you just never find the time or always manage to talk yourself out of it.

You might say to yourself, “I’ll run twice this week.”

But will you do it? Are you really setting yourself up for success?

How about asking yourself “What would I need to have in place to make sure that running twice this week is inevitable?”

It’s a very different framework.

Working from that premise decide what you need to create success.

Do you need a new pair of running shoes? When will you get them? Maybe you need a cool running playlist. When will you do that? How will you be reminded to run? How will you convince yourself that nothing can get in the way of that running date with yourself?

In other words, have your external environment in place to make it easy to stretch yourself into this new reality.

Let’s look at three areas of your external environment and clear out the clutter so you can make your success inevitable. Are you ready to start? Let’s go.

Take out a blank piece of paper, and at the top, write “Clearing the Clutter”

The first area we’re going to look at is your environment.

Work Environment

Because your work environment will either limit or support your success. It’s time to clear out the old clutter and make way for new ideas, new connections, new training and new opportunities. We want to get to the point where our physical environment is always giving the message that we want others to see.

There are five main areas to clear clutter in your workspace or your office. Whether that’s at home, in an office, or both.

  1. Your desk

Clear your desk of paper files, receipts, and bills, anything that needs to be filed.

  1. Office or closet floor

Remove piles of magazines, papers, or projects. from your office or closet floor.

  1. Bookshelves

Remove piles of stuff from your bookshelves, and making sure your books, photos, and knickknacks are neat and attractively arranged.

  1. Email

Spend time ruthlessly unsubscribing from all e-mail notices that you do not have time for or are not important. Even if you do 10 a day until you’re done.

  1. Inbox

I file any e-mails I might need to refer to into an archive for that year. E-mail clients have amazing search abilities these days so there is no need to get too fussy.


Who you spend time with determines how quickly you’ll achieve the success you desire.

  1. Spend regular time with positive, forward-thinking people who think big and take consistent action.
  2. Put a stop to negative talk around you. Gently ask the culprit to cease and desist or maybe just dial it back a little.
  3. Seek out and make new friends with those who are already successful. Who in your world do you really admire? Who is doing what you want to be doing? How can you connect with hem?
  4. Who drives you nuts to the point when you think: “If they could just do x, y or z then I will relax and be happy.”

You need to have a little Buddha moment with yourself, and say, “How much energy am I putting into trying to control someone I can’t control or change? How many times a day do I think about this person changing?”

Every time you have an urge or desire to change or ‘fix’ another person, re-centre into yourself and ask: “What do I need right now to help me feel happy, relaxed or fulfilled.”

What you do and feel should not be connected to what another person does or does not do.

That can sometimes be the single most important bit of emotional clutter to clear from your life.

Let’s go to the third area where you can clear clutter.


If you want money to come into your life it is important to have a clear pathway for it to do so.

Creating solid money habits will help you achieve freedom in your finances.

You should prepare for money not only to flow toward you but to also stay. It’s one thing to generate money, it’s another thing to keep it.

What signal are you sending to the universe about how you value money and time. Most people wait for permission from others to value their time and money.

Give yourself permission and start valuing your time and money now.

  1. Bring all money owed to you up to date.

Make a list of every person, company, or organization that owes you money, and the amount they owe. Contact each of these, and find out when you can expect your money back.

  1. Use all unused gift cards.

You know those gift cards that were a gift from Aunty Mabel or a bonus from work. Go out and have a shopping spree.

  1. Gather all loose money

Gather up all your loose change and exchange it notes then spend it in the next seven days. You can spend it on yourself, put it towards your education, put it towards savings, and put it towards debt, whatever you like. But gather up all the loose change, exchange it for bigger bills and then put it towards something.

  1. Lighten your wallet.

Get rid of whatever clutter is in your wallet. Chuck whatever doesn’t need to be there. Old cards, old whatever—clear it out. Your wallet should be organised. If it is torn, worn or shabby, replace it with one that’s new and makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I got one from our local cheap store it’s compact, fits everything I need to put into it and is a colour that will work with any handbag. As soon as it starts looking shabby, I’ll get another.

That’s it.

The Rest Of Your Home

Once you have completed the above you can systematically move around the rest of the house clearing clutter. Remember. Small chunks. A little each week until it is done. Success will come from not being overwhelmed.

I recently had a client who likes to meditate. If this is you, do you have a place where you can sit, relax and have the energy of the universe not meet any blocks on its path into your world? Maybe there are some colourful scatter cushions, a nice rug and your favourite candles.

Your aim is to have a clean, clutter-free environment where you can breathe, be creative and the energy can flow. Only then can success be inevitable.

How do you go about clearing clutter



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