5 Simple Steps To Create Habits That Stick

By Jane Lamason

Dec 28
5 simple steps to create habits that stick

It is not hard to create habits that stick if you follow these 5 easy steps.

I confess I am a morning person, and definitely not the civilised kind that gets up at 6 am. I like to get up early, 4.45am during the week and maybe half an hour later on the weekend, just early enough to earn a sideways glance from those that like to lie in.

Why do I have this crazy no-one-in-their-right-mind-would-do habit? Because  I:

  • Get so much done, including an hours exercise, housework and showering.
  • I have made it a habit and now I would find it difficult to kick.
  • They have odd birds in Brisbane that sing, no squawk, ridiculous noises at ridiculous times.

So how do you create habits that stick?

1. Start Small

Whenever I want to add a new habit into my life I start small. For example when I switched up my weights to be heavier so that I could build muscle instead of tickle the ones I have I started by doing only one set of 10 reps with each exercise. I added a couple each week and now sit at 3 sets of 10 reps which seems to be my sweet spot.

If you are trying to develop healthy eating habits maybe switch out one unhealthy food for something healthy each day or even each week. My top 9 food swaps giveaway could help you if this is the habit you are going for.

The point is to keep it doable and cheat your mind into being confident that this is super easy.

2. Build On The New Habit Each Day

Challenge yourself to repeat your new habit each day and when you are finished mark that day off. Once you have completed a week or more you are less likely to want to cop out and see the evidence of that in your lovely long chain.

Remember it will take somewhere between 21 and 50 repetitions, depending on how difficult the task is, for something to become a habit.

3. Schedule Your New Habit

What gets scheduled gets done so although this step may seem like a no-brainer, schedule when you will carry out your new habit.

Let the universe know that on this time in this timeslot you will be doing -insert new habit here- and the universe will do its best to make sure you do it. Give your new habit space in your time that it deserves.

4. Reward Yourself For Your Achievement However Small

Try not to focus on the times you didn’t fit in your new habit. Instead, reward yourself when you do. This is a powerful act which actually causes physical and chemical changes in the brain which will help you to further your progress. Lastly:

5. Develop The Right Mindset To Continue Your Habit

When you start making excuses with reasons why you can’t carry out your new habit today:

“I’m sure I saw a spot of rain.”

“My favourite shorts are in the wash.”

Block them out and focus, not on the long-term goal but on just completing your new habit for that day, and then the next day.

Stick to the process and eventually, you will be creating habits that stick and become part of your everyday routine. Then, of course, you can consider adding in another habit. Don’t forget – start small.

How to create habits that stick

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