5 Tips To Help You Build Your Self-Confidence

By Jane

Nov 30
5 Tips To Help You Build Your Self-Confidence

Lacking self-confidence for some can cause stress and anxiety which, if left unchecked, can become quite destructive to your health.
Does your self-confidence completely desert you in social situations to the point that you want to lock yourself away from the world, never going out, never trying new things?
Are you physically sick at the thought of having to meet new people?

There is good news

Self-Confidence can be an illusion that you create

Like a magician in a magic show, the power of suggestion is all you need. Step forward, push through the barriers that have held you back in the past. Be calm, polite and firm even if on the inside you are all quivering marshmallow. Remember that old adage fake it till you make it. The more you fake it the easier it will become. Eventually, without you realising you will be getting involved in situations, you would never have dreamed of in the past.

Have something to say

Keep on top of what is happening in the world. Read, listen or watch the news.
Have a few interesting subjects lined up that you have a good knowledge of.
Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to voice it. If it is controversial, stand by it but be prepared to be contradicted. Don’t force your opinion on others. Each to their own even if everyone else is an idiot. Have the courage of your convictions.
When talking to others look them in the eye and show interest. Everyone loves a good listener.

Appearance is important

If you are dishevelled, always rooting around in the bottom of your bag looking for some lost item or constantly seem harassed the illusion will be shattered. Appear organised, put items you may need where you can easily find them. Look neat. Make an effort.

Move with intent

Always move forward, even if you are not sure where you are going. At least look like you are completely sure of your next action.
Remember calm mind equals calm body.

Believe in yourself

Stop worrying about what others are thinking. I am sure they have better things to think about than you. Unless of course, you are the one dancing on the bar top while belting out MJ’s Billie Jean in a key that threatens to shatter glasses. If that is you then I am sure you deserve every disapproving thought in the room.

Are you a confident person? How do you do it?

5 Tips To Help You Build Your Self-Confidence




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