7 Tips For Keeping An Organised Kitchen

By Jane

Jan 31
My Top 7 Tips For Keeping An Organised Kitchen

Before we moved into this teensy tiny townhouse with not even the hint of a pantry my kitchen was organised, at least I thought so at the time.

I lined up everything in my pantry like fairground ducks. It was so big; it was so glorious. Shit, it was hard to keep clean. It was a full scale, close-order, military manoeuvre to clean that thing. It was hard to keep tidy too. Leave a gap and someone filled it with something that didn’t belong. Gaps in my ducks filled my nightmares.

I had other cupboards too. Full cupboards. Full of platters we might need some day. Appliances for every conceivable kitchen-related task: the mixer I kept because it was the first appliance I bought at the second-hand shop when I moved out of home 35 years ago, and they don’t make them like that anymore. Unusable now on account of the smoke that billows out of it every time it is switched on. The pasta maker that we didn’t use because we don’t eat grains, the gas burner for making the sugar crust on a Brulee which we didn’t use because we don’t eat sugar.

The day we cleaned out that kitchen of everything that could be sold or given away there was not much left enough though to give me anxiety attacks about how we were going to fit it all into the new place. We left ourselves with a couple of necessary appliances, a few platters, the food and the plates to eat the food off.

Organisation is my bag. I love decluttering and being organised I had to be more than organised I had to be thoughtfully ingenious. This would be no easy task.

Organisation is important, it allows you to breathe and clears negative energy. Reducing anxiety and stress.

Organise your kitchen with these tips:

  1. Keep utensils by the stove. No need to take up drawer space. Keep them handy in a container such as a flower pot or jar. It looks funky too.My Top 7 Tips For Keeping An Organised Kitchen
  2. Take as much as you can out of packets and put into clear containers. You can see what is in them and if you need to top it up.My Top 7 Tips For Keeping An Organised Kitchen
  3. If you don’t have enough room in your cupboards add more cupboards in the form of a sideboard or TV cabinet where you can stash the overflow.
  4. Use good looking containers on the benchtop to store stuff that you use every day like tea or coffee. Keep the containers simple so that they don’t clutter up the place.My Top 7 Tips For Keeping An Organised Kitchen
  5. Display items in an attractive arrangement to add interest and save space in the cupboards.
  6. CAYG or Clean as you go. This anacronym is known well to the staff at MacDonald’s as it is one of the commandments they live by. This keeps the benchtops clutter-free giving a sense of space and room to move.
  7. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Organise a spot for a specific category of items. It’s impossible to put things away if you don’t know where they belong. Make sure the spot is convenient, practical and close to where you will use it.

Have a look at the fabulous ideas for kitchen organisation as well as other areas of the house here

How do you stay organised in your kitchen? Do you have a tip you can pass on?

My Top 7 Tips For Keeping An Organised Kitchen



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