5 Tips For Reducing Bloat In Menopause

6 Remedies For Reducing Bloat In Menopause

Reducing bloat in menopause is an issue that is we often talk about in hushed tones among the women in my circle of friends. I hope this article may help a few of them. You’ve just purchased the MOST GORGEOUS pair of jeans, a beautiful new shirt and belt to …

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woman in menopause lying down and clutching stomach due to pain from constipation

What Helps With Menopause Constipation?

Are you struggling with constipation during menopause? If so, you’re not alone. Many women experience constipation during this time in their lives. Fortunately, there are some natural things you can do to help. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to get relief from menopause constipation. …

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older woman showing frustration at mood swings in menopause

11 Natural Remedies For Menopause Mood Swings

As you start going through perimenopause and into menopause you may notice that your moods are more volatile and menopausal mood swings become more common. These emotional changes can be triggered by fluctuating hormones or other environmental factors such as family and work stressors as well as dietary choices. It …

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The back of the head of an older woman with stringy hair in menopause holding it in frustration

Why do I have stringy hair in menopause?

Hair is one of the first places to show signs that you’re going through menopause. For many women, their hair becomes stringy and unmanageable during this time. If you’re wondering why this is happening and what you can do about it, read on. We’ll discuss the causes of hair changes …

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Older woman sitting in chair lookin at camera

How To Win The Battle With Your Middle-Age-Spread

I wrote this post about nearly 5 years ago and while most of it is still true today I have dropped off from eating extremely low carb in favour of intermittent fasting and eating a little less meat and more vegetables. I find intermittent fasting rather than being a weight loss tool …

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older woman reducing hormone imbalance to acheive better health and weight loss

8 Things Women Can Do To Have Balanced Hormones (In Midlife)

Women over 50, in perimenopause or menopause often feel like they’re on a roller coaster ride. They may experience intense mood swings, hot flashes and sleepless nights as their hormones fluctuate throughout the day. While these symptoms are a normal part of women’s health, you don’t need to suffer! You …

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9 Reasons For Menopause Fatigue Plus Solutions

When you feel tired your life can be negatively impacted. It may: render you unable to concentrate for any length of time, make the thought of any form of exercise the stuff of nightmares, be the cause of bad moods, anger and possibly even trigger anxiety. The reasons you may …

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green smoothie with bananas and green apples

5 Best Detox And Belly Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes

A nutrient dense detox and belly fat burning smoothie with detoxifying healthy ingredients that are full of fibre is a great way to keep menopause cravings at bay between meals and reduce your middle age spread. If you are replacing a meal with a smoothie even better. It is so …

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3 stylish women in menopause taking a selfie

5 Strategies To Lose Menopause Weight The Healthy Way

What is the best way to lose weight during menopause is probably the most common question I get asked. This article will detail for women how to lose menopause belly naturally and without deprivation or constantly feeling hungry. Importantly, following the tips given in this post will prevent further postmenopausal …

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healthy foods to help lose weight after menopause

How To Lose Weight After Menopause Without Dieting

Losing menopause weight after menopause can be made more difficult by the on off dieting we did in earlier years but not impossible. This article explains exactly what you can do to lose the weight you gain in menopause easily. If you had told me when I was 20 that …

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woman with sore knee

How To Reduce Menopause Joint Pain

When menopause starts, changes occur in a woman’s body. Many women complain of menopause joint pain, some severe enough to prevent them from completing some of the activities they’ve been used to doing. These aches and pains can happen anywhere in the body but are often concentrated on the joints. …

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older woman leaning against wall laughing

13 Secrets To Losing Weight Naturally Over 50 For Women

You’re over 50 and you’ve decided you need to shed a bit of weight. Especially around your middle where it seems to collect now. Easy you think. I’ll just up my exercise, cut calories and Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt. You stock up on lettuce, cottage cheese and celery. …

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9 Guilt-Free Foods For Improved Menopause Symptoms

13 Best Foods To Eat During Menopause To Reduce Symptoms

In the battle to improve menopausal symptoms and reduce hot flashes that suck your energy, your easiest starting point is your diet. To make it easier for you I’ve listed here the 13 best foods to eat during menopause and 3 foods to avoid during menopause. There are many foods …

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Woman with hormonal imbalance in midlife smiling into the camera

How Do I Balance My Hormones To Lose Weight In Midlife?

These are some of the things I hear women who have hit the big five-oh say in response to my weight loss posts. “I’m not kidding I’m 50 years old and ravenous all the time.” “These days invariably I wake up ravenous. So hungry it hurts. What is going on?” …

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woman over 50 on bicycle

How To Increase Metabolism After 50 (To Lose Weight)

Perhaps you have been feeling more tired than usual lately.  Maybe your digestion seems a bit  “sluggish”. Your skin feels dry and you’ve been craving sugar. These are all signs of metabolic weakness or a slowing down of your metabolism. Let’s dive into how this can happen and for each cause  …

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woman in midlife meditating for health

7 Incredible Benefits of Meditation For Women In Midlife

Mindfulness and meditation are two words that are slung around like confetti in this current time, but don’t be too quick to discount them as just fashionable concepts that only those who want to be seen to be trendy follow. There are incredible benefits of mediation for women in midlife. …

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woman pourin herbal tea into cup

The Best Whole Body Detox Cleanse: To Rejuvenate Over 50

This post is for those women who want the whole body detox cleanses but don’t want to pay for some expensive plan or follow some ridiculous diet. You can do a natural body detox easily and without overwhelming lists of food to include and exclude.  We are constantly being exposed …

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woman doing cobra pose

6 Best Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly Fat: Women Over 50

Has your belly started sticking out far more than you would like since you turned 50? Do you now rank clothing on whether it will show your newly formed muffin top or not.   For women in menopause and beyond excess fat around your middle is a hazard caused by lowering …

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older woman on scales

Top 11 Reasons Your Menopause Weight Loss Stalled

So you’ve been eating a low carbohydrate diet and you’ve been doing well sheding a few pounds but your menopause weight loss has stalled. In fact you’re gaining weight. You’re not sure what the heck happened. You were losing weight and feeling great. But this week when you jumped on …

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women's hormone imbalance

Best Natural Solutions For Women’s Hormone Imbalance

Alongside gut health, hormonal imbalance is one of the top contributing factors to health issues in women. This article discusses natural solutions for women’s hormone imbalance. What causes, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, cravings, lack of sleep in women especially those going through perimenopause and menopause? The answer is …

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Five Tips For Low Carb Eating

My Top Five Tips For Low Carb Clean Eating In Midlife

Carbohydrates or carbs as we call them are one of three main food types or macronutrients that the body needs to function. Protein and fat are the other two. Carbs are not something to be scared of. It’s the highly processed foods full of sugar and processed flour that we …

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