Woman with hormonal imbalance in midlife smiling into the camera

How Do I Balance My Hormones To Lose Weight In Midlife?

These are some of the things I hear women who have hit the big five-oh say in response to my weight loss posts. “I’m not kidding I’m 50 years old and ravenous all the time.” “These days invariably I wake up ravenous. So hungry it hurts. What is going on?” …

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woman over 50 on bicycle

How To Increase Your Metabolism After 50 (To Best Lose Weight)

Perhaps you have been feeling more tired than usual lately.  Maybe your digestion seems a bit  “sluggish”. Your skin feels dry and you’ve been craving sugar. These are all signs of metabolic weakness or a slowing down of your metabolism. Let’s dive into how this can happen and for each cause  …

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woman in midlife meditating for health

7 Incredible Benefits of Meditation For Women In Midlife

Mindfulness and meditation are two words that are slung around like confetti in this current time, but don’t be too quick to discount them as just fashionable concepts that only those who want to be seen to be trendy follow. There are incredible benefits of mediation for women in midlife. …

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woman pourin herbal tea into cup

The Best Whole Body Detox Cleanse: To Rejuvenate Over 50

This post is for those women who want the best whole body detox but don’t want to pay for some expensive plan or follow some ridiculous diet. You can do a natural body detox easily and without overwhelming lists of food to include and exclude.  We are constantly being exposed …

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older woman on scales

Top 11 Reasons Your Menopause Weight Loss Is Stuck

So you’ve been eating a low carbohydrate diet and you’ve been doing well sheding a few pounds but your menopause weight loss has stalled. In fact you’ve put on weight. You’re not sure what the heck happened. You were losing weight and feeling great. But this week when you jumped …

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green smoothie with bananas and green apples

5 Best Detox And Belly Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes

A nutrient dense detox and belly fat burning smoothie with detoxifying healthy ingredients that are full of fibre is a great way to keep menopause cravings at bay between meals. If you are replacing a meal with a smoothie even better. It is so easy to really pack the nutrients and …

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women's hormone imbalance

Best Natural Solutions For Women’s Hormone Imbalance

Alongside gut health, hormonal imbalance is one of the top contributing factors to health issues in women. This article discusses natural solutions for women’s hormone imbalance. What causes, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, cravings, lack of sleep in women especially those going through perimenopause and menopause? The answer is …

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Five Tips For Low Carb Eating

My Top Five Tips For Low Carb Clean Eating In Midlife

Carbohydrates or carbs as we call them are one of three main food types or macronutrients that the body needs to function. Protein and fat are the other two. Carbs are not something to be scared of. It’s the highly processed foods full of sugar and processed flour that we …

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Hungry woman in meopause looking at food

Constantly Hungry? How To Control Menopause Hunger

Read on my ravenous friend we are going to learn how to control menopause hunger easily. Menopause hunger is the type of intense hunger that hits hot and hard and short of unburdening the fridge of that delicious looking whole chicken it seems impossible to get under control.  I struggle …

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older woman on couch with book

What Prevents Women Over 50 Losing Weight?

As I have said many times in my posts “losing weight over 50 is very different to when you wer younger”. It’s no longer about eating lettuce and cottage cheese after sweating your body weight at the local gym like you did in your 20’s and 30’s. So what are …

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older women taking selfie after doing their exercise to lose menopause belly fat

11 Tips To Lose Menopause Belly Fat And Keep It Off

Are you struggling with losing menopausal belly fat and keeping it off? Menopause weight is like that clingy child that hangs on around your middle and won’t let go. You get rid of it for it only to come back in greater bulk and so much more stubborn to remove. …

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Older woman sitting in chair lookin at camera

How To Win The Battle With Your Middle-Aged-Spread

I wrote this post about middle-aged-spread nearly 4 years ago and while most of it is still true today I have dropped off from eating extremly low carb in favour of intermittent fasting and eating a little less meat and more vegetables. My diet is still largely grain free and sugar free …

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woman doing meditation while at kitchen table with food

How To Get Into The Right Mindset For Losing Weight

You didn’t have to worry about having the right mind set for losing weight when you were in your 20’s. You would  stock the fridge with celery and cottage cheese, starve yourself for 3 or 4 weeks and lose 3 or 4 kilos?  Then when you hit 40 it was …

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How to lose weight without dieting

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting In Midlife

If you had told me when I was 20 that to lose weight without dieting was something you could do I would have felt like you were handing me the holy grail. I don’t think I can remember the first weight loss diet I went on. There was a whole lot …

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wine and pie flatlay

6 Foods To Stop Eating During Menopause

Menopause symptoms for some women can be difficult and include, putting on weight especially around our mid section, hot flushes, night sweats, poor sleep quality, lack of energy, brain fog and more. To avoid making these symptoms worse here are 6 foods to stop eating during menopause. To reduce  menoapuse …

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A table full of sweet food for christmas

How To Avoid Putting On Weight Over The Holiday Season

Does this sound like you? You’re getting a little nervous because the holiday season is fast approaching and you still have that spare tyre from last year. Putting on weight for you, especially around your middle, at this time is an inevitability. Buying new clothes every year is putting a …

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woman in yoga position

Simple Breathing Techniques To Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms

This post was originally just going to be about a deep breathing exercise that I use to relax. However, a mutation took place. Wait. What? It’s all good, there’s nothing revolting going on here. Except. It is five in the morning, I’m in my gym clothes, no makeup… Seriously though, …

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group of older women taking a selfie

Loss Of Confidence And Self-Esteem In Menopause

Once we enter perimenopause we know we may have to deal with some of the usual symptoms that this time of life brings such as hot flushes, night sweats and weight gain. But there are some other symptoms that many women don’t realise may become part of their lives while …

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women chopping up vegetables

How To Improve Your Gut Health Naturally In Midlife

We learn more everyday how key gut health to our overall health and that it is important to improve your gut health naturally in midlife if you have been stuggling with health issues. As we go through perimenopause and into menopause the changes in hormones can mess with our weight, …

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kitchen shelves with utensils

Weight Loss Kitchen Essentials For Easy Meal Preparation

These are my first choices for weight loss kitchen essentials for easy meal preparation. It’s important to keep things simple and convenient, especially when your are trying to change habits. One of the easiest ways to lose weight and get rid of that muffin top especially in midlife, menopause or …

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