Eliminate grains

9 Tips To Help You Eliminate Grains From Your Diet

  So you have decided you want to eliminate grains from your diet. First up, well done. Most of those who consider it never actually make the decision to do it. One word of caution, it’s not a good idea to embark on this adjustment when you’re about to change …

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saying no to wine

5 Tips To Help You Drink Less Alcohol

This is a light-hearted look at how you can drink less alcohol with serious intent. Moderate alcohol consumption can: Lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, possibly by thinning the blood. Decrease your chances of getting a cold, maybe something to do with the antioxidant properties of wine. Could help guard …

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Easy Sauerkraut Recipe Made In A Hot Climate

Recently I was researching gut health and how to improve it. On my travels around the internet, I uncovered some delicious recipes for making sauerkraut, pickles and fermented veggies. Most looked super easy and while some were made with makeshift pickling systems such as large jars covered with a cabbage …

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7 Tips To Help You Get To Sleep Easier

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep at night and wish it was easier? Do you find yourself getting ever stressed about the hours ticking away while you toss and turn? Try these seven tips to help you get to sleep easier: Avoid caffeine too late in the day I try …

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How to stay on the healthy food wagon when you travel

How To Stay On The Healthy Food Wagon When You Travel

Is your diet difficult to stick to when you travel? Those of you who read my blog will know that I don’t eat any grains or sugar. I am a ‘food nerd’ so travelling anywhere means I need to be super organised. Here are my tips: International travel After arriving anywhere …

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8 Of The Best Anti-inflammatory Foods

Constant inflammation in the body is one of the leading causes of many illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and in some cases Alzeihmer’s. This list of anti-inflammatory foods are a great way to decrease inflammation and so improve your health. As you move into perimenopause and menopause you may …

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Easy, Healthy Grain Free Seed Crackers

When you are trying to keep to a low carb and grain free diet one of the things you miss is something crunchy to have as a snack or an addition to a platter. After much trial and error I ended up with these healthy grain free seed crackers that …

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Are Statins Necessary To Lower Cholesterol

Are Statins Necessary To Lower Cholesterol?

Are statins truly necessary? I think that very much depends on the circumstances. A while back I wrote about Pete’s cholesterol level. His total cholesterol was at the vertigo-inducing height of 9.2. The doctor prescribed statins and sent him away. Just like that, without any further tests or knowing Peter’s …

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chocolate fudge

Low Carb Chocolate Fudge

So my food photography is obviously not getting any better. Anyone with a brain would know to focus on the food and not the space between the plates. Watch this space for signs of brain returning in future shots. I urge you not to hold your breath though, I don’t want …

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A tray of freshy made muesli

Healthy Grain Free Muesli (A Great Low Carb Breakfast)

I am a muesli girl, especially this particular muesli recipe, many aren’t. Others prefer eggs or toast or a fry up but my favourite healthy breakfast is a bowl of muesli with some berry goodness and creamy yoghurt. I call this recipe Muesli Reloaded because it is an update on …

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low carb chia pudding with mango

Chia Pudding Recipe (A Great Grab N Go Breakfast)

Sharing a chia pudding with Molly in a raw cafe was defining moment for our household. Chia puddings became a staple from that day on. They are versatile enough to have for breakfast, snack or dessert. Add fruit and coconut yoghurt and it will keep you satiated for hours. Molly will …

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cholesterol conundrum

Everything You Need To Know About Cholesterol Levels In Midlife

Having high cholesterol levels in midlife is what many women and men fear. Peter’s last test results for his cholesterol levels revealed what every male his age fears. Total cholesterol was 9.2 mmol/L LDL cholesterol is 6.3 and HDL 2.58 Triglycerides are low at 0.7 mmol/L The doctor immediately wrote …

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