Healthy Breakfast Alternatives To Cereal

Healthy Breakfast Alternatives To Cereal

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day making it a healthy breakfast is just as important. The cereal aisle at the supermarket is overwhelming in its choice but there are very few which don’t contain enough sugar to induce diabetes in a small army or contain other empty ingredients which don’t contribute to you being the healthiest person you can be. So put down that box of sweetened cardboard and step away from the cereal aisle.

Here are some easy, fast and healthy breakfast ideas that don’t come in a box.

Mini Frittatas

These are like mini omelettes that are baked in a muffin tray. You can eat them hot or cold,  depending on your mood.

You can also add in other healthy foods such as vegetables, cheese, or meats. Simply whisk some eggs, add a dash of milk or water, chopped veggies and bake for 10-15 mins.

Easy Peasy, this is what I generally make on Christmas day to go with our berry parfaits. Perfect!

Breakfast Quesadillas

This only takes a few minutes to cook and is great for using leftovers. Cut up some greens, avocado, leftover meats, anything you’ve got will work.

Grab a whole wheat wrap add your ingredients to half and fold over while cooking. The best part is that it’s super healthy for you!


These are great because you can add in all sorts of things to make them even more healthy and tasty. You could use mashed banana instead of sugar or raw cacao instead of chocolate chips. Some of the things I like to add in are nuts, seeds, and fruits like blueberries.


Muesli is great for the summertime when it’s too hot for things like a hot bowl of oatmeal. Nuts and seeds are very filling and can be soaked in nut milk overnight to make a cold breakfast that’s ready to help you beat the heat of the summer’s day.

Add some frozen berries and coconut yoghurt for a filling breakfast to keep you going until lunch.


Smoothies are very healthy for you, but it can be tricky to make sure they fill you up until your next meal.

Try adding some dry oats, nut or seed butter, or avocado for more protein and belly-filling power!

You can actually make these the night before by putting the ingredients into a bag or container and store in the fridge. When you wake, add it all to the blender, pour into a glass and off you go!

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal is really great for grabbing on the go. If you make it on Sunday night, you can pack into a little container and it will be great for breakfast all week long! You can eat it cold or hot.

You can also add in some fruits, nuts, and even chocolate for different flavours.

Breakfast Bar

You need to be very careful with pre-made bars. Some of these bars say they are healthy when they are really packed full of sugar.

I like to make my own instead so that I can make sure I am eating only the healthiest ingredients. So, instead of adding sugar, try adding some nuts, seeds, oats, dried fruit and maybe some honey or rice malt syrup.

Those ingredients will guarantee it tastes great and be healthy for you too!

Eggs and Veggie Soldiers

These are soft-boiled or poached eggs with vegetable sticks as soldiers. They are an amazing and healthy meal that’s also easy and fast to make.

Surprise’ Plate

Like the Breakfast quesadillas, these are great for using leftovers. You can add in fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, olives, dried fruit, and/or nuts to make whatever surprise you’d like to see on your plate in the morning.

Think of it like a snacks plate or nibbles platter where you can have a mini buffet of food on your plate.

Now, that you have some fabulous new ideas for eating healthy at breakfast time, there is no reason to skip the most important meal of the day.

Whether you are in a rush or have plenty of time to cook up a hearty healthy breakfast, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from that will make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to make it through the day.

Healthy Breakfast Alternatives to Breakfast

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