How I Got High Cholesterol And What I Can Do About It

How I Came To Have High Cholesterol And What I Can Do About It

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High cholesterol, if you are not careful, can creep up on you.

I have always been blessed with perfect cholesterol levels. Not too high and not too low. My visit to the doctor last year showed my bad cholesterol (LDL) rose slightly but not alarmingly so. I cut out the butter I was slathering on my vegemite muffin in the” morning and with a self satified shrug of the shoulders thought “sorted”.

Not so!

My visit to the doctor last week showed my LDL to have risen sharpley. My total cholesterol is now 6.3. I am not particularly worried as my HDL (the good stuff)is high and my Triglycerides are low which indicates all is well. However something in my diet has caused this change. Time to re evaluate.

Since my last cholesterol test:

  • I replaced the obscene amounts of butter on my morning muffin with obscene amounts of coconut oil.
  • The amount of coconut yoghurt and coconut cream that I put on my muesli is far in excess of what it used to or for that matter needs to be.
  • The dollop of cream I have on my muffin has grown to feed-the-starving-of-the-world proportions.
  • I have become lax at cutting the fat off meat.
  • Grated cheese has found its way into my food. Often. Previously I had completely cut cheese out of my diet.

How to cut out some saturated fat:

  • Replace the coconut oil on my muffin with olive oil.
    [bctt tweet=”Coconut oil is high in saturated fat and although nearly half is lauric acid which can help raise your good HDL’s the other half is still potentially harmful saturated fat.” via=”no”]Olive oil is heart healthy, monounsaturated fat and is full of antioxidants so a great replacement.
  • Use less cocount yoghurt on my muesli and replace the coconut cream with almond milk. Again that will cut a lot of the saturated fat content. The probiotics in the yoghurt can be replaced by eating more pickled vegetables.
  • The dollop of cream on my muffin should probably go but the thought of that is too hard to bear so for now I will halve the quantity and see how that goes. I was eating the cream before my cholesterol levels rose so I don’t believe it is the culprit and I am holding fast to that theory because it is one of the highlights of my morning.
  • With great pain in my heart I will remove that salty, crispy skin from the chicken and the fat from steaks and chops.
  • Grated cheese which by-the-way is low fat, will be used a little more judiciously.

I was aware coconut is high in saturated fat but assumed because it was a plant based product it would be healthy. Coconut oil does have many health benefits but I believe it is the reason for my raised cholesterol levels.

My cholesterol will be tested again in six months. If it hasn’t changed or god forbid goes up it will be curtains for all coconut products and saddest of all that little bit of cream which is my morning ambrosia.

Do you have your cholesterol checked? What would you cut out of your diet if it was found to be high?


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