How to stay on the healthy food wagon when you travel

How To Stay On The Healthy Food Wagon When You Travel

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Is your diet difficult to stick to when you travel? Those of you who read my blog will know that I don’t eat any grains or sugar. I am a ‘food nerd’ so travelling anywhere means I need to be super organised.

Here are my tips:

International travel

After arriving anywhere where you can’t take your own food the first place you neeed to visit is the local supermarket.

Stock up on breakfast and snack ingredients. I buy everything I need to make my muesli and muffin recipe as well as all the added extras like coconut yoghurt, raspberries etc. Once at my destination I mix my muesli and muffin mixture into containers (a zip-lock plastic bag does the trick), ready to use each day.

If you are staying with friends or family, lunch and dinner is easy. If not, make sure you have a selection of fresh salad ingredients. Olive oil and lemon will do for a dressing. No fridge? Buy what you need each day. Get your protein as you need it, a rotisserie chicken, cold cuts, whatever is easy.

Additional possibilities could be some nice cheese, olives, nuts, specialty tea bags and dark chocolate. Oh my god I almost forgot the, DON’T FORGET THE WINE!

Travelling within your own country

This is so much easier. If you are only going for a few days pack  breakfast and snack items to take with you. I generally take muesli, muffins, and my protein balls. You could even extend that list to include frozen meals. The last time I travelled I took a little cooler bag on the flight as hand luggage.

Lunch and dinner can consist of fresh veg and protein again assuming you stay somewhere where there is a fridge, if not most supermarkets sell a selection of salads and cold cuts for you to choose from each day.

A local engagement where lunch or dinner will be provided

Are you ever caught short at a meal out where there is nothing that suits your diet?

I attended a seminar just recently and made the mistake of assuming the food selection would include something that I could eat. It didn’t. I found myself picking apart a couple of sandwiches so I could eat the filling. The lady next to me came completely organised and tucked into a healthy salad she brought from home. I was annoyed at myself for not having the foresight to do the same and jealous, her salad looked really yummy! That won’t be happening again, next time I will take the best most tastiest salad ever.

Peter travels a lot with his job, if he is at a conference or eating out he always calls ahead to organise something suitable to eat. He hasn’t yet encountered a negative response to is requests; in fact chefs go out of their way to make something special.

Organisation takes the stress out of having to find something you are able to eat and limits the possibility of going hungry. Leaving you to get on with your business or pleasure and enjoy yourself.

How do you organise yourself to eat away from home?


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