Paleo Or Keto - Which One Is Best For You?

Paleo Or Keto – Which One Is Best For You?

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So you may be thinking “Paleo Or Keto – which one is best for you? Is there anything better. Perhaps I shouldn’t go on a diet at all.”

First and foremost let’s remove the word diet. Over the years the word has developed a bit of a stigma so I chose to say “a way of eating” instead. The minute I say diet my body starts craving a damned snickers bar!

You’re sick of feeling crappy all day and you just want more energy, to lose a bit of weight and maybe get better sleep at night. You’ve heard these diets can help with that so you Googled it.

But there is so much information out there and now you’re just completely confused and discombobulated.

Firstly, Paleo or Keto are not the be all and end all but let’s talk about a couple of the most popular ways of eating at the moment and then I’d like to make a suggestion that could help.


The keto, ketogenic, or low carb high fat diet includes whole foods that are nutrient dense and low in carbs. The amount of carbs you eat depends on your metabolism size and energy output and you find this out through pure trial and error.

Your body goes into ketosis when it is not getting enough carbs to burn for energy and it begins to use fat for fuel instead. This state of burning fat for fuel instead of glucose is nutritional ketosis. In a situation where had very little food, this is how your body would survive.

As you move into nutritional ketosis you may experience the keto flu which is short-lived and feels a bit like having the flu. Increasing your water and salt intake can help with this.

It is an incredible way to lose weight quickly and in all the right places but there are also other benefits. Possible benefits beyond weight loss are improved mental clarity, incredible energy and excellent sleep quality.

While doing keto I measured my macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) with MyFitnessPal a simple app you can have on your phone. It was a little bit of work too set up but once I was used to what I could eat in carbs and protein I found I didn’t need to keep checking. My body shape changed dramatically as the weight came off in all the right places, I felt amazing and for the first time in a long time, I slept well.

The downfalls of keto can be going crazy on the fat. If your carbs are a little high you won’t burn the fat and can put on weight or push up your bad cholesterol. Stick to healthy fats and don’t overdo it.


The Paleo Diet is based on foods that our ancestors would have eaten during the palaeolithic period. The premise is that these are the foods that keep our digestive systems healthy.

Meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, roots, and organ meats are all included. Dairy legumes and grains are all avoided.

Unrefined sugar such as honey, maple syrup etc can be used to sweeten foods. But beware, too much of these and you will very quickly have unbalanced blood sugar allowing for ill health in many forms.

Low Carb

Low carb is just that. Anything that is low in carbs. Avoid all grains including what I call pseudo grains such as buckwheat and quinoa. Also sugars, high sugar fruits, legumes and starchy vegetables.

My best recommendation is to to do what works for you. If you are lactose intolerant do Paleo and leave it out. If you want better sleep, energy and a buff body go for Keto. No one way of eating is perfect, you don’t even have to choose between just Paleo or Keto.

I advocate eating low carb whole foods with plenty of healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein. I also opt for a grain-free, sugar-free diet but that is not for everyone.

Paleo Or Keto - Which One Is Best For You?

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