9 amazing ways yoga can benefit us in midlife

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Yoga can benefit us in many ways especially in midlife when menopause and age can take its toll.

When you get out of a chair and take a little time to straighten up, do you gasp a little as you do?

Sitting for long periods can lead to pain and stiffness in our joints as we get older.  

There is a way to experience the calm stillness and uplifting energy that comes with marrying the breath with the body as well as build a body that is flexible, strong and toned. Yoga will improve your overall health.

Yoga aligns the body and mind 

And brings harmony and balance to your lifestyle. 

Menopause and its related symptoms can last for years. Practising yoga during this period can help to lower your stress levels and ease the transition. It can also help you to develop coping skills and a more positive outlook. If you have already practised yoga before menopause then you will already be familiar with the poses that will make a difference for you. If not you will still benefit from some of the easier poses.

Restorative and supportive poses

provide the most relief for women going through menopause, while some forms of yoga, such as hot yoga, can actually make symptoms worse.

A regular yoga practice can be transformative in so many ways. it’s never too late to take it up! 

Yoga is known to reduce blood pressure, increase bone density and reduce anxiety. The earlier you start, the more of those sometimes tricky poses you’ll be able to accomplish. 

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It is the perfect exercise for women over 40

as it will keep you in shape without putting unnecessary strain on joints and muscles. 

If you need more persuading, check out Tao Porchon-Lynch who is a young 101 years old and still able to sit in lotus position after three hip replacements!

Poses such as plank will strengthen your arms, legs, shoulders and abs. You don't have to be super flexible to practice yoga, it can be practised at all levels of ability.

A few minutes a day practising

poses like warrior or downward-facing dog, will soon have you noticing a difference in your flexibility.

Yoga combines aspects of cardio, functional and strength training and can be done at your own pace, in your own home. 

9 Amazing Ways Yoga Can Benefit Us In Midlife

Here are 9 good reasons start practicing yoga today

  • Improves flexibility, posture and strength
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves breathing
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Improves mindfulness
  • Promotes better sleeping
  • Improves clarity
  • Improves flexibility and balance

The many mental and physical ways yoga can benefit us are well known.

Including it into your routine can help enhance your health, increase strength and flexibility and reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

Finding the time to practice yoga even just for a few minutes may be enough to make a noticeable difference when it comes to your health.

9 ways yoga can improve your health in midlife
9 ways yoga can improve your health in midlife

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