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You know that old addage “ fake it till you make it! ”

Please don’t giggle into your arm pit you look like a bloody pigeon. To fake it is a thing and it works.

I remember the first time I went to the pool to begin my newest attempt at toning my turkey arms. Seriously I am going wave goodbye to someone one day and do an injury to a passer by. Anyway after only one lap I was wheezing like a ninety year old smoker with one lung.

I looked at the humanoid dophin in the lane next to me and hated her but by god I was determined to be her.

I used that negative energy and I kept going.

My plan was to keep swimming as gracefully as possible until everyone else was out of the pool. Then, no one would notice I swam only four laps to their bazillion.

The next time I was there I did one more lap and the time after that another, you get the picture. I am nothing near approaching a dolphin but I am one of those people.

You know the ones you watch in awe as they put on there super cool goggles and swing their arms in that sporty way to warm up. That is me, (ignore the kid I just knocked over with my turkey flap) I am one of them. I faked it until I made it.

[bctt tweet=”‘Fake it until you make it’: giving the impression of confidence until whatever you are faking comes effortlessly.” via=”no”]

The next time someone asks you what you do tell them your end goal. What it is that you are striving to do. For goodness sake DON’T be over confident. No one likes a know-it-all-couldn’t-care-less-dipstick.

Now go out and acheive that end goal. We are what we think and if you think you are your end goal so you shall be.

Some tips for along the way:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Dress well and comfortably
  • Look people in the eye when talking to them
  • Smile, breath and keep your shoulders down and relaxed.

There is nothing like a pair of shoulders up around your ears to scream “spineless fraud here!”

While you are pretending to know what you are doing you are learning. Before long you will no longer be all talk and no trousers. You will be wearing the best godamn Donatella Visace trousers.

Have you ever faked it? Let me know about it, and keep it clean!

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Fake it till you make it and turkey flap arms

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