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  1. October 5th I’ll be 59. I’m in the fitness industry along with my wife of 48. I have it great, my health , my fitness is desirable by 35 yr olds. I have two children in their 30’s one who works right by my side. Also have 12 yr old son is just simply awesome. Our life is wonderful, I have absolutely no reason to complain, NONE! Yet I find myself unhappy and in search of my purpose. I feel so guilty compared to others that have it far worse than I. Just cant accept that Im getting old. Ive always relied on my physical being, Im slowing and fearful. My strength is people relationships thats what I do best in life. I’ve become less tolerable, people agitate me now lol. I’m a mess, I do feel alone.
    Getting old is not for the weak.

    1. Hi Scott, I know this reply is a long time coming but I had nothing useful to say. Maybe now I do. I get where you’re coming from. I’m certainly not at your level of fitness but being fit and strong is important to me and is something I will continue to recommend to post menopause women as often as I can. Your Because I know that’s one of the things that will help anyone get more out of life as we age. Having said that another thing that is important to me is my mental wellbeing. I have practiced sitting in stillness and being completely present. It has taken a bit, but I find fears such as you talk about have faded and I am far more ‘in the now’. Eckhart Tolle has said “As long as the ego runs you life, most of your thoughts, emotions and actions arise from desire and fear. In relationships, you then either want or fear something from the other person”. I’m sorry this has become a bit of a novel, but I think this also applies to the relationship you have with yourself. Anyway something to think about. I don’t know if you’ve done any inner work but maybe it’s something that will help you find some peace in the company of others and when you’re alone.

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