How Make A Major Life Shift And Find Your Passion

By Jane

Nov 23
How Make A Major Life Shift And Find Your Passion

Are you thinking about a major life shift and following your passion?

Perhaps you are bored with where you are at in your life right now. The kids are independent and following their dreams. You want more. You want to do something that will light your passion. What is that something and for that matter what the heck is your passion? How do you find it?

Finding your ‘passion’ has unfortunately become a sickly cliche that makes me want to gag and throw up my realist expectations.

Masterchef contestant number 3,566 – “Cooking is my passion”.
6 foot tall Top Model contestant who’s been on this earth for 17 years – “OMG! Modelling is my passion.”

How do they even know? They have been at it for all of 5 minutes would have no idea of what difficulties they may face and work they will have to put in to make their new found passion their life.

You, however, if you only knew what your passion was you would attack it with everything you have. You’ve been around the block a few more times than you care to think about and you would eat passion for breakfast if only you knew what it looked like on a plate. You are actually a little jealous of the Masterchef and Next Top Model contestants.

Finding your passion.

What if I told you that your passion is already part your life? Those god awful blinkers you are wearing are hiding it from you.

You’ve been working, looking after kids, the house, your partner. Eyes ahead not daring to look anywhere else for fear you couldn’t turn back.

If you shone a light into the corner and lit up the passion that has been sitting there waiting patiently for you to see it god only knows what would happen. You might have been tempted to follow it and who knows how that would have ended. You had responsibilities, my girl!

So what is your passion?

It is what you spend your time talking about, thinking about, doing? It is that something you do that makes you smile. It’s what you look forward to. It may even be more than one thing.

Spend some time thinking about the things that you really enjoy doing, talking about, thinking about in your life. I am sure you don’t go through life hating every god damned thing you do.

Maybe you love drinking good coffee and eating healthy food and know how much it could benefit others to eat similarly. You practice yoga and mindfulness and get excited when you think about how they have changed the way you react to things in your life. Writing is something you absolutely love to do and you enjoy adding humour to lighten other’s lives. Intuition is a gift of yours and you have always been a good listener who hears more than is being said. And then there’s your collection of back scratchers (it’s a thing, look it up!). What can you do that would encompass all or some of these things.

It’s like peering into the fridge hoping for inspiration for tonight’s dinner and only finding beetroot, yoghurt, mince and some dubious looking Brussel sprouts. What delicious thing would you conjure up?

It’s not the ingredients that are your passion, it’s what you do with those ingredients.

Those things that stir your energy and get you moving are what you would gently fold into your life to find passion.

Using the ingredients I mentioned perhaps you would become a life coach who listens to clients and using your intuition helps clients move towards a healthier, more mindful life. Your website would include a blog where you post healthy recipes, musings, articles on health and wellness with a humorous voice. You like to write your blog while sitting in some of the best cafes the city has to offer. As for the back scratchers, I would probably relegate them to a Pinterest board.

It is not written in stone that you get paid for doing what you love. Perhaps you work a job to earn enough money to pursue the things you love.

If you are lucky enough to be in a job that fulfils your passion, there has to be times or tasks that you hate to do. We don’t live in a Disney fairy tale, ruling a kingdom where people break into some epic song randomly and whistle while they work. It is okay to not feel passionate about what you are doing every second of every day.

Help to bring passion into your life by committing fully and completely to everything you do. If you don’t like what you are doing find a way to do something different. Take note of those things that give you joy, they will take you towards your new life of passion.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman



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