How To Be A Vital, Healthy Woman In Your 50’s

By Jane

May 16
How To Be A Vital, Healthy Woman In Your 50's

Being a healthy woman in your 50’s comes down to doing a few things consistently. Incorporate these seven tips into your everyday life and celebrate your health and vitality.

1. Don’t Go Mental

Above all else, you must keep your brain healthy. The old saying use it or lose it is so true when it comes to your brain cells.
Lower oestrogen and progesterone levels are responsible for you finding your keys in the fridge.
MRIs have shown that adults who exercise regularly have a bigger hippocampus (the brain region responsible for memory and learning), which helps keep the brain sharp. Studies say that exercise at any age helps to slow down mental decline.
Nutrition is also important in keeping the brain healthy, eat a diet rich in antioxidants found in colourful fruit and veg, nuts and seeds.
Besides staying active be engaged. Your brain benefits from being active both physically and mentally. Keep using it and it will serve you well.

2. A Healthy Woman Is A Calm Woman

Being stressed interferes with cognitive function and chronic stress can cause serious health problems.
Practice mindfulness. Meditate. Do yoga. Get 8 hours sleep.
Anything that will help you to rid the body of anxiety and tension allowing you to be more creative and effective.

3. Move Those Joints

Maintain normal weight to help reduce the stress on your joints. Stretch regularly to keep the ligaments and tendons lengthened and take fish oil and Glucosamine to help lubricate the joints.

4. Have A Strong Core

Add some yoga or tai chi to your exercise routine to help keep that core stable. As our balance deteriorates any sort of stability exercise will help keep your core and leg muscles strong reducing the risk of a fall.

5. Keep Your Heart Happy

How To Be A Vital, Healthy Woman In Your 50's

Keep your cholesterol down by eating less saturated and trans fats.
Maintain a moderate level of exercise. 30mins a day every day is good. Any activity that raises the heart rate even just a little is sufficient to lower your risk of heart disease. Walking, swimming, dancing even gardening are all acceptable forms of exercise. Put on the music that you love and dance like no one’s watching. You will be de-stressing and exercising. Fit, calm and efficient. You rock!

6. Eliminate The Alice Factor

Scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, e-mails, texts all suck time. I call it falling down the Facebook rabbit hole. An hour can disappear never to be seen again. You could have meditated, done some yoga, cooked dinner, gone for a walk or written your next viral blog.
Try to make your actions count towards the kick-ass life you want.

7. Connect With Others

Keeping social connections especially with those younger than yourself is important to a woman’s health especially those younger than yourself. Join a support group, volunteer, join a club, meet the neighbour, go out with family and friends. These contacts help guard you against depression and keep you positive.

These are simple and easy to implement tips to help you be a healthy woman who gets the most out of midlife.

How To Be A Vital, Healthy Woman In Your 50’s


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