How To Boost Your Energy Levels By Decluttering

By Jane Lamason

Feb 08
How To Boost Your Energy Levels By Decluttering

Why Is Decluttering Important?

Decluttering is a great way to boost the energy levels so you can fully align energetically, emotionally and physically to take the next big leap in your life.

If you are feeling as though you don’t have space in your head for more stuff. Or perhaps your own energy levels are low. Or every time you look in a cupboard it steals your energy in the form of frustration. Then it is time for a declutter, clean out, tidy up or whatever you want to label it as.

You need to create space for the new. Think about it, we would be daft to try putting a new bed into our bedroom before taking out the old one. Unless you are going to put one on top of the other there would be no room.

For there to be room for the new one you need to remove the old one first.

The universe hates a vacuum and will move to fill it. It is your job to chose what to fill it with.

Your Physical Environment

Your external world reflects your internal world. So, by decluttering our physical environment we can make space to shift internally also.

Look at your environment and, for now, pick one area where you know energy gets stuck and start decluttering. If you are looking to or already work from home, it may be your office area. Maybe you want to change your diet, then it might be your kitchen or just your pantry. Perhaps you don’t sleep well, then it would be your bedroom. You get the picture.

I want you to be ruthless. If you don’t use it regularly, or (in the words of Marie Kondo) it doesn’t “spark joy” then toss, donate or sell it. You want your physical environment to reflect how you want to feel. For me, that is calm, clear and peaceful with space for energy to move around.


This may seem odd but money is another important area of your life that can easily become stagnant or messy.

If you tell money that it is unimportant why would the universe send you more?

Do a “money decluttering” gather up all the bits of money around your home including unused gift cards and put them in one place, which for me is a wallet that I love.

Coins you can put in a bowl in the wealth corner of your house. That is, if you are standing at the front door facing in, the back-left corner.

Make sure your wallet is clean and empty of paraphernalia. Throw out old receipts, cards etc. If you need a new wallet, get one. They are inexpensive, and you and your money will feel good.

Tidy up your bank accounts. Delete old accounts that are no longer required, open new accounts for particular types of savings like holidays. Tell your money what you want it to do and it will thank you. Laugh if you want but money works best with a structure.

Track your money. Know where it goes, how much you spend, your savings and what your debts are. You Need A Budget is particularly good at this and is inexpensive for a monthly subscription.


Do a digital clean out. What does your Downloads folder look like? How about your desktop?

Tidy up your folder system and keep it organised.

Get all those files off your desktop and into folders. Add a nice picture to your desktop that inspires you.

One more declutter and this one is important!

Lastly, Your Head

You can’t think clearly if it is full of crap. Decluttering your mind is important to get some of that stuff out of there and onto paper. Journal every day on the stuff that bothers you.

Write lists and put them into something like Trello or Asana.

Set up a calendar. I personally love Google and it plays nice with many other apps. Enter your appointments, block off time for activities, connect to other calendars. Most of all USE IT!

I would love to know how you keep your life and home decluttered. Let’s get the conversation going in the comments below.

How To Boost Your Energy Levels By Decluttering

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