How To Have Something To Look Forward To In Every Day

By Jane

Aug 23
How To Have Things To Look Forward To In Every Day

In life it is important to your well-being to have something to look forward to, a holiday in the sun, upgrading that furniture, having family visit, that awesome new show but those are the big-ticket items. It is also important to have something to look forward to every day no matter how small.

Estrogen is that all-important hormone that declines as we go through menopause and it is also one of our mood controllers. Keeping on top of stress to minimise cortisol and scheduling nice things to do will help to balance out the effects of this decline.

Looking forward to even the smallest things can make that day more enjoyable, improve your outlook and low your stress which means BETTER HEALTH.

The anticipation is something to savour no matter how trivial the event may seem. Of course, there is the anticipation of other less enjoyable things like maybe having a tooth pulled out or worse four teeth pulled. In this case, it would be important to schedule something special for when you are feeling better.

Have Something To Look Forward To In Every Day

I find if I have something to look forward to in every day the days don’t stretch out like an endless mass of nothingness.

These are some of the things I look forward to in my day:

My walk in the morning

This is when I set my intention for the day, think about my day’s schedule and go over the vision for my future. As well as enjoy being in the present.

Stretching and a few weights

I recently had a lengthy break from this and just got back into it a few weeks ago. It feels good to move and feel my strength coming back.

A cup of tea after my walk

I love my first hot drink of the day. I usually have it while emptying the dishwasher, hanging out the washing, helping the girls get ready for school etc.

Seeing my girls head off to school

Not because I am happy to see them go (although some days that is totally true) but I love watching their independence.

My morning coffee

I think this is seriously my most favourite thing especially since getting our new coffee machine. I always have a healthy snack to go with it and spend the time catching up on some reading – interesting web sites and the like.

My afternoon yoga session

This really centres me and I am pretty certain helps me sleep at night. It gets the energy flowing through the body in such a gentle way.

Talking around the dinner table

As a family, we enjoy discussing our day together and having some robust debates about topical subjects.

Listening to a podcast or watching T.V.

While I fold washing and get the dinner ready. This is the time to catch up on any shows I have recorded. The podcasts are usually answering some question I’ve had or motivational. I hope to get into listening to books which will help me expand my reading.

Getting into my pyjamas for the night

I love the quiet in the house at this time. Generally, both the girls are studying and Pete is watching something with his headphones on.

Writing in my gratitude journal

Once in my PJ’s I sit at the desk upstairs and write in my gratitude journal. It helps me to focus on the positives from the day and to see how incredibly full my life is at the moment.

Watching a little T.V.

If Molly is able we will often watch something funny to finish off the day.

Here are some ideas for giving yourself something to look forward to in your day:

  • Watch that recorded tv show
  • Burn some essential oil
  • Some time to read
  • Give yourself a facial, pedicure or manicure or if you have time, all three
  • Cook your favourite meal
  • Prepare a healthy dessert
  • Enjoy a small glass of red wine
  • Sit in the sun outside with your coffee
  • Have a laugh with your children
  • Put clean sheets on the bed
  • Do some meditation or breathing
  • Practice yoga
  • Go for a walk in the park
  • Enjoy some time to just sit and daydream
  • Rearranging a shelf to look pretty
  • Declutter a drawer (yup that stuff is awesome)
  • Learn a new fact
  • Chat with your children
  • Buy a new lipstick
  • Browse through your local second-hand shop
  • Borrowing or buy a new book
  • Chat to family on the phone or Skype
  • Buy a small bunch of flowers
  • Dress in your favourite dress
  • Have your hair done.

Keep looking for the smallest things in every day and pretty soon your day will be full of those gorgeous full stops. It can be a small as a smile from a stranger. Take the time to appreciate every little thing and you will be spending more of your day in the present being mindful and amazing things will happen to your stress levels and general outlook on life.

Do you make sure you have something to look forward to every day? If so I would love to hear about them.

How To Have Things To Look Forward To In Every Day


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