How To Make Your Life More Simple

By Jane Lamason

May 03
How To Make Life More Simple

Do you ever sit and wonder how the hell life got so busy and complicated and wonder how you could possibly make your life more simple?

We all have those days. You wake up and the first clue that your alarm didn’t go off is the bin man driving up the street minus your bin full of stinky rubbish with the prawn shells that have been marinating in the sun for way too long.

You set the coffee going and realise you didn’t put the dishwasher on last night and there are no clean cups left.  While rummaging around in the dirty washing for a t-shirt to put on that won’t scare the dog too much you remember it’s your turn for tuckshop and you promised you would be there for the preschool rush.

The kid’s lunches aren’t made, you have no idea what is for dinner tonight and there is a slew of bills you haven’t got around to paying.

Anyone else’s heart reached the danger zone just reading this?

Stop. Breathe. Drink your coffee.

It is time to simplify your life. It will make space, keep you relaxed and help you remember the stinky prawn bin the night before bin day.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but here are some things that I find help me.


Routine lets us know exactly what we will be doing next so we don’t have to spend time deciding or procrastinating. Your brain and mind relax and have space to be creative.

Also, go to bed and wake up at the same time each day including holidays and weekends. Or bodies appreciate this. 

Use an alarm that works.

Toxic people and situations

Avoid both of these. They both take too much time and energy to navigate. When it is apparent that someone who has moved into your circle is toxic extract yourself from the relationship at all costs.

The same with situations. If a situation deteriorates into toxicity, leave, get up walk away whatever you have to do. There is nothing positive that will come out of any toxic situation.

Spend money on convenience before extravagance

Spend money on stuff that makes your life easier. The money will be better spent than money spent on things that make your life more impressive.


If you can, get a cleaner. There are better things to spend your time on than cleaning. That being said I myself do my own.

If you do your own do a little every day so that it is not too much of a chore. I love my morning routine and don’t want it mucked up with housework so I do mine at the end of each day.

It seems to get done quicker and with more efficiency, probably because time is limited and I want to take some down time before bed. It seriously only takes me half an hour or so each day. Some days more some less.


Take some time to make a collection of quick nutritious meals you can make. If you want to experiment leave it to one day a week. I can have dinner made in less than half an hour giving me more time to do the good stuff.

Social Media

If you use SM to further your business do that then get out of there. That social media is full of very deep rabbit holes in which hours can disappear, never to be gained back.


Go paperless. Get a good scanner, scan all of your paperwork and store it online. I use Evernote and tag everything so it is easy to find and very quick. As the paper comes in it is scanned and saved. Certificates are kept most other things are disposed of. This is the post I used to help me go paperless. There are also many other instructional posts on the internet.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control

Spend your precious time on things you can.

When you are organising a meeting

If you can, be the one to suggest a time. Why not make it convenient for you.  

Always reach down to help other women up

The karma will come back in spades

If you have any fabulous tips to share on how you keep your life simple I would love to hear them. Put them in the comments below.

How To Make Your Life More Simple

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