How To Tame Your Inner Beast And Liberate Beauty

By Jane

Mar 31
How To Tame Your Beast And Liberate Beauty

Has your beauty been hidden underneath the beast that is motherhood?

When you kids are a little older having time on your hands is both good and at times a little soul destroying. Now you get to glance in the mirror from time to time and the beast staring back gives you nightmares. “What the hell happened?”

Time is what happened. Screeds of time which disappeared on the road to wherever you were going, with whichever child, to whatever event wearing your singlet shorts and cap. Consider this post as a way to dip your toes back into the pool of self-care and respect with the goal of taming that beast and liberating your beauty.

Beauty Makeup

Keeping it natural does not mean going without altogether. It takes makeup to look naturally natural, so to speak. I’m not talking about heavy eyeliner, caked on foundation and enough eyeshadow for Africa.

  • Keep away from the dark colours
  • Keep it light with a soft colour palette.
  • Use good products.
  • For the sake of all of us over 50’s keep away from the powder. It drys out your skin and ages you.
  • Make it quick and easy. Five minutes should be plenty. You can spend more time on those special occasions.

Beauty Wardrobe

Dress for comfort and style. In my experience, if you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable. By comfort, I don’t mean track pants and hoodie or a dress that could double as a tent on your next camping trip. I mean not too tight, too short or too low cut.

  • Avoid busy prints, pastels, and frills. Stick to block colours that flatter and look elegant.
  • If you wear jeans get a good cut in a slimming dark wash. Levis are a great place to start.
  • Jackets and cardigans should be a little fitted and not voluminous. There is nothing more ageing than a shapeless cardie or jacket.
  • You can never have enough shoes. I buy one or two good pairs a year. Make sure they will not date and are comfortable and you will have them for a long time so it pays to not skimp. Boots are a great way to dress up skirts and jeans and still be comfortable and trendy.
  • Wear a good, comfortable bra. There is nothing that looks worse than droopy boobs or side spillage. I love, love, love Berlei sports bras for every day. They come in such pretty colours and bonds usually, do a cotton undie which you can get to match.

Beauty Hair

My hair is not a shining example of how your hair should look. I have always struggled to keep it looking good. I have learned though that long is not for me. Just above the shoulders keeps it looking feminine without being too much work.

It is important to have a good cut and colour and to not let too much time pass between cuts which is what I tend to do.

Don’t try to do it at home unless you know what you are doing. I have seen some horror outcomes from using shop bought colour at home.

  • If you find a good stylist stick with them, they seem few and far between.
  • Get your hair cut regularly. Keep the colour as natural looking as you can. Don’t go for brassy or block colours which will age you quicker than an expert on the Antiques Road Show. If you want an all over single colour, get a few foils to soften the look.
  • Use a good everyday conditioner and once or twice a week use a repairing conditioner.
  • Good styling products will help your hair to stay looking good between washes.

How To Tame Your Beast And Liberate Beauty

Beauty Skin

My mother always took the time to wash and moisturise her face at night and she had great skin. It doesn’t matter how tired I am or how late it is I always wash and moisturise. The face we have needs to see us through many years lets give it some love.

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day and see how your skin will love you for it. Those wrinkles will plump out.
  • Use a good 50% moisturising sunscreen before going out in the morning. I use one early before my walk and then another good one to moisturise before putting on makeup.
  • Eat a good diet rich in antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics. A diet high in refined carbs, sugar, and processed food can cause inflammation which can damage collagen and DNA leaving you looking older.

Beauty Rest

It is a myth that as we age we need less sleep. In fact, sleep is just as important. A good night’s sleep helps with concentration and memory retention, our cells have the chance to repair themselves and our immune system strengthens. If you are having trouble try these tips.

  • No electronic devices in the bedroom.
  • Read a little before bed.
  • Exercise during the day.
  • Don’t eat for at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Try this 4-7-8 breathing method which will help you relax.

Are you trying to tame your beast? What have you changed in your life to revitalise yourself?


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