Invisible Over 50? Age Fearlessly

By Jane

Aug 25
Invisible Over 50?

Feeling like they are suddenly invisible is something that many women experience when they are in their 50’s.

Once you hit 50 did you feel like you were suddenly invisible? There wasn’t a line in the sand and you couldn’t really put your finger on what was bothering you until one day it dawned on you. Your influence in social situations was diminished. It had become difficult to be heard or seen.

Being Different or Conforming

I sometimes see the sideways glances in my direction. Recently I arrived at a school function where the other mothers wore nice dresses and expensive, extremely uncomfortable looking shoes and pretty earrings. I wore jeans, boots that would make any biker proud while sporting my new, very short, haircut and a comfy jersey because, you know, warmth and comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I was tidy and presentable, I take pride and care with my appearance. I am just past discomfort for the sake of looks.

There was a time in my life when those sideways looks would have made me nervous. That was when it was highly important to me to conform, be part of the crowd. I definitely didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Certainly not the attention that would have me looking like someone a little different.

But I am older and with age comes social confidence.

What Others Think Of Me Is None Of My Business

What have I got to lose? I no longer care what people think of me, in fact, it’s none of my business and nor do I want it to be.

Now we finally have the confidence we have always wanted it doesn’t make a goddamn bit of difference. Life can be a contrary bitch! We’ve always wanted the confidence to do and say what we wanted socially and now that we have it no-one wants to listen.

Here’s what I know and the reason that this invisibility no longer bothers me. I am now showing up for myself in the absolute way that I want. This is the most important act I have done for myself IN MY LIFE.

Age Fearlessly

To have the courage to be the most fearless version of yourself means something. Whether you see or not, other women are looking at you and they are wondering if they might be fearless too. It doesn’t matter that other younger more ‘out there’ women are getting the attention, you are too but in a way that is not noisy.

This is a special gift that you are giving to other women.

You may feel invisible over 50 but your bright light shines and is seen.

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