3 Super Easy Ways To Improve Menopause Symptoms Now

3 Super Easy Ways To Improve Menopause Symptoms Now

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Improve menopause symptoms with these simple strategies.

I’m in the dressing room of my favourite jeans shop buying a new pair of jeans because the old ones won’t do up anymore. God, I’d rather be anywhere but here but I need jeans to take for a weekend away. I apologise for this image but I’m just in the throes of wrestling them up while balancing like a demented stalk against the wall and trying with all my powers of attraction to manifest a good fit when bloody hell! A hot flush! Now there is no hope of getting them up over my sweaty thighs. I give up in defeat and head to the nearest coffee shop to gather my energy for the next round.

Does this sound familiar. Well, maybe not this exact scenario but the expanding belly, hot flushes and lack of energy. 

Do you just want someone to wave a wand and fix it all now!  Something that doesn’t involve giving up your favourite glass of wine or sweating in a gym overflowing with testosterone at a time of the morning not meant to be seen by anyone living in the realms of normality.

Enter your fairy godmother - that’s me, with

3 easy things you can do now

today to start you on the road to getting back into your old jeans and banishing hot flushes to some far off land.

 Menopause Symptoms Fix No 1

Cut as much sugar from your diet as you can.

I said this would be easy, not fun. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Stick to low fructose fruit: 
    • Raspberries
    • Kiwifruit
    • Prunes 
    • Apricots 
    • Guava
  • Try to eat only 2 pieces per day and skin on please. That fibre is important.
  • If you have chocolate make it a least 75% dark chocolate, 85% is even better and just ONE piece per day.
  • Avoid packaged baked goods, sauces and cereals. If you must buy cereal in a box make sure it is low in sugar, sodium and saturated fats.

If you need something sweet, for now, until your taste buds get used to less sugar maybe try items that are sweetened with stevia.



  • for easier and faster weight loss in midlife and menopause
  • delicious foods that won't make you feel bloated
  • reduce perimenopause and menopause symptoms like hot flashes

start seeing the scales move in the right direction!

Menopause Symptoms Fix No 2


I’m not talking about sweating ridiculously at the gym. 

Find movement that fits into your day and style and do it every day. If you are doing something you enjoy you are more likely to stick to it.

Aerobic exercise  - can be walking, running, swimming, even dancing.  

I choose to walk. Every morning I walk for at least 40 minutes half of which is uphill. I don’t find it onerous or difficult. It is my time to be present and set my intention for the day. I also find it is a good time to solve problems that have been bugging me.

Strength training - lift some weights. If you haven’t done this before start with 3kgs dumbbells for 20 minutes after the aerobic exercise. I do this every second day. There are plenty of short routines to be found online.

I believe yoga fits into strength too as with many of the moves such as plank involve you holding up your body weight. 

Stretching - When you are doing your strength training, pop down onto the floor and do some gentle stretches. Doing these every day you will be surprised at how quickly you gain flexibility which is so important at this stage in our lives. It will also help with balance.

Again yoga fits into this niche for improving your flexibility. See this post for some free online yoga routines.

Menopause Symptoms Fix No 3

Some foods can trigger hot flushes

Caffeine, alcohol, spices and sugary foods are the most common culprits. To get an idea of which, if any, of these foods, push your buttons keep a hot flush diary. Avoid or cut out anything you feel is making your symptoms worse. 

I love my coffee but it definitely used to make my symptoms worse so I cut back to one per day and had it in the morning when it couldn’t interrupt my sleep. I also cut back on red wine, any more that one and I was waking in the night.


As we age so does our body and consequently what we have previously been doing to stay healthy needs readjusting to fit in with our changing physical makeup. If you are struggling with menopause symptoms, it doesn’t have to be your new normal. Improve menopause symptoms with ease and enjoy this new phase of your life and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

3 Super Easy Ways To Improve Menopause Symptoms Now

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