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  1. I am going to do my best to change my eating habits. I have a disease that is taking over the lower half of my body. I had a bacliphen pump put in to control the spasticity. And ended up having to have a back surgery. Shortly after I found out I had breast cancer. Had a mastectomy on the left side. Then I fell and broke my right hip at age 50. I had 9 surgeries in a matter of two yrs. I deal with chronic pain and for yrs they had me on opioids. I made the decision to detox myself off of them. I am done with pooping rocks once every couple weeks. I could go on and on about the health issues and the chronic pain that I am in 24-7. I’m struggling to walk and most days I struggle to get out of bed. I need relief. So I am hoping that changing my diet is the answer. Please if there is anything else that might help me could you take a minute and share that with me.?!
    Thank You,
    Stephanie Smith

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Goodness you really have been through the ringer. And I am in awe that you have managed to get yourself of opioids. I’m not sure about who else you are relying on for help but I do suggest you find someone close to you who understands your case and can help you navigate your pain in a more holistic way. Absolutely food is a great place to start and in your case I would be eliminating as many inflammatory foods from your diet as you can. All added sugars which in my book also includes most fruits as you would be surprised how much sugar can sneak in with too much fruit. Wheat, rice, potatoes and anything made from those three would also be good to get rid of. Eat plenty of healthy fats not vegetabale fats. Think plants. Your plate should be over half plant food. There are other things that could help too. Do you see a good physio has the knowledge and the skills to assist with your pain management? You want a physio who doesn’t just work on the painful area but knows to also consider that their might be other musculoskeletal causes of your pain. I hope this is of some help for you. Cheers Jane x

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