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  1. All the diet advice we were told for forty years is basically wrong. It was never the fat (cholesterol). Bodily cholesterol wasn’t caused by ingesting too much cholesterol, but by the body’s defenses against too much sugar all the time. Yielding insulin resistance. It was the carbs and sugars causing the obesity epidemic, rampant diabetes, and a host of other health problems. Not that there aren’t some bad fats, like trans fats, but sugar is the elephant in the room. Great article. We’re working diligently to give our bodies a break from the constant flood of sugars. Changing habits of a lifetime is not easy, but necessary for better health.

    1. Well said! I feel so strongly about this and try to get that message out but there is big money in sugar and the kids become addicted at an early age. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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