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  1. My daughter who is a Licensed Nutritionist, disagrees with not eating certain fruits and also with the fiber comments. If you eat a balanced diet, and you cut out the junk food, you will naturally lose weight. Fruits are an important part of a balance diet.

    1. Anna, Thank you for commenting. You must be very proud of your daughter’s fabulous acheivement. As with everything though there are going to be varying schools of thought. I do see many, including nutritionists, that agree with what your daughter says however I trust in the the research I’ve done and my personal experience and stand by my orginal comments.

      Cheers Jane :)

  2. Hi, Jane. I’m 66 and started IF about 8 weeks ago. 5’2”. 120# Main goal – lose a few pounds, around my waist. I’m doing some cardio, weighted exercise most days – about 10-15 min.
    I typically fast for 16 hours 5 days a week.
    I’ve noticed reduced inflammation (finger joints), but have lost NO weight. Getting toned up, but no weight loss.
    Diet is better than avg, I would say. Low on carbs.
    What am I missing?? Suggestions?

    1. Hi Donna, Firstly, awesome job with IF. It sounds like your body is already benefiting from it. Without seeing exactly what you are eating it is difficult to know if there is a sticking point. It may not be what you are eating that is the problem. Are you sleeping? Are you stressed? Do you take medications? Don’t forget too that muscle weighs more than fat. Keep building the muscle though as the more there is the more fat burning that takes place. Maybe record all you eat for a week in a journal then you might see for yourself where you could make adjustments. Hope this helps, Jane :)

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