Programs & Services

30 Minute
 Strategy Session

I offer a free 30-minute intro session.

  • Are you menopausal and you are feel tired and lack energy for anything. 
  • Do you feel frustrated an fed up because you never seem to be able to move forward in your life?
  • If you feel confused about what your big goals are and/or your next steps towards them.

Book a free session and let's talk about how we can change that for you.


I love to help menopausal women who lack energy leaving them tired and frustrated at not being able to move forward in their lives. Many women who go through menopause start to experience a pull to shift in life direction. Lack of energy however can mean our limiting beliefs take over which will often find us procrastinating. We will work together to revitalize your energy so you can live the life you deserve as well as feel and look as fabulous as you have ever dreamed about.