5 Fermented Food Recipes Rich In Probiotics

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These 5 fermented food recipes are brimming with gut-boosting benefits.

I know this is one of my pet subjects but it is important enough to get a regular mention.

The gut has more neurons than the brain. To keep it healthy and in balance, you need to look after it.

This balance is important as the gut plays a part in our immune health, hormonal balance, stress levels and state of mind.

Many of the processed foods that are consumed today don’t have what it takes to nourish the good bacteria that keep our guts healthy. They are often high in sugar or fats that have been treated in nasty ways.

Eating foods rich in probiotics is a good way to give our guts the boost they might need to stay in balance.

These 5 recipes are easy and delicious.

Easy Sauerkraut Recipe Made In A Hot Climate

This recipe is simple and versatile. Use it as your base and change it up with any vegetable that will work fermented. Get the recipe here.

A Simple And Delicious Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi recipe

Change it up with this traditional Korean side dish. Just little spicy that goes with just about everything. This stuff is seriously addictive.

Get the recipe here.

My Journey Into The Hidden Forest Of Kombucha Making

This slightly effervescent and sweet fermented tea is probably the easiest to make on this list. Especially once you have a viable scoby. The end product is delicious and will get those gut bacteria dancing to your tune.

Get the recipe here.

Fermented Carrots With Dill

Jessica over at The Real Food Dieticians has come up with this super simple recipe for carrots. This would seriously take 10 minutes and voilà, probiotics for your next salad. Click on the title or here to get the recipe.

Sweet And Sour Cinnamon Apples

I couldn’t let you go without something sweet (and sour) and a little special. Angela Gallardo at Bare Root Girl has a beauty which had my mouth was watering. I suggest you read and follow the recipe carefully as fruits can be a little more temperamental in ferments. You can get the recipe here or click on the title.

Do you have a simple probiotic rich fermented food recipe or will you perhaps try one of these?


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