My Top 5 Sources For Low Carb Recipes

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When we first started out on our low carb journey it was difficult to find low carb recipes we liked. We treated ourselves to wicked delights on the weekend. How was I ever going to replace those? What was I going to do instead of potatoes, rice, pasta?

I was a little overwhelmed by it all. Google is like my best friend though. So before long I  built up a catalogue of go-to recipes that I used.

New sources are still popping up, although lately for the sake or time and ease of planning I have entered the realm of boring within my repertoire.

5 top sources for low carb recipes

While researching for this post my inspiration has been prodded and I think it is time to stir things up and try out some new recipes.

The Keto Diet Blog

Martina’s recipes feature on my Facebook account with almost monotonous regularity. She features clear, concise instructions with images for each step. The nutrition panel lets you know just how good you are being and the main image for the recipe is always gorgeous.

5 top sources for low carb recipes

These chocolate pots look like very naughty and decadent.

Her website is more than just recipes it includes plans, nutrition and guides to all things keto.  If you are looking to live in ketosis this is a great place to have all your questions answered.

Martina includes a pinnable image for all the Pinterest fans.

I Breathe I’m Hungry

I was so jealous of Melissa when she moved with her family to Belize to live right on the water.

This site is full of practical recipes which are super easy and super tasty.

5 top sources for low carb recipes

Coming up with a Chicken Crust Taco Pizza has to be a total genius move.

The recipes are easy to navigate, printable and contain nutritional information.

Low Carb Maven

I first came across Kim’s recipes on Pinterest where she has them organised onto boards for each course or type of food. Her recipes are down to earth, easy to follow and as she says have a ‘gourmet vibe’.

5 top sources for low carb recipes

Oh my god you guys. This Low Carb Chocolate Cheesecake looks sinful enough to be illegal.

A nutritional panel and pinnable image are also included.


Ruled.Me was my bible when I was in ketosis.

It is here that it became clear to me that low carb food is far more than just meat and lots of veggies. Craig’s recipes are often better, healthier versions of an original.

5 top sources for low carb recipes

We have tried these Chicken Pot Pies and they are delish, especially the pastry!

The recipes are low carb and high fat and fit into a ketogenic diet.

His images are beautiful. He also includes images detailing every step which makes it easier to see where I’m going wrong how I need to do it.

I Quit Sugar

It was Sarah Wilson’s book I Quit Sugar that I turned to when I first gave up sugar and wheat. I can honestly say my health did a complete turn around for the better so I owe a lot to Sarah.

Some of these recipes are not as low carb as I would like now but they are all very healthy and don’t include grains or sugar so get the seal of approval.

5 top sources for low carb recipes

We trotted this Crunchy-Nut Cheesecake recipe out on a regular basis. I would make one to take on holiday with the six of us and it would last all week as our after dinner treat.

Do you have a favourite place for low carb recipes?

I would love it if you shared.


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