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You’re getting nervous. The holiday season is fast approaching and you still have that spare tyre from last year. Putting on weight for you at this time is an inevitability.

Buying new clothes every year is putting a serious dent in your budget and your partner just remarked that he totally appreciates that there is so much more of you to love now than when he met you.

Your last resort is to move to Yemen where Christmas isn’t celebrated and alcohol is forbidden.

Before you start headscarf shopping try some of these suggestions to help avoid that weight gain.

Let’s make this simple by breaking it down. Exactly what will cause you to put on too much weight over the holidays? That’s a rhetorical question. We know what it is right?

  • Too much sugar
  • Too much alcohol
  • Over indulgence in unhealthy foods

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Last I checked good conversation, dancing and having fun were not contributors to the post-Christmas spare tyre.

Here are my tips on how to avoid or at least cut down on each of these spare tyre instigators.


Avoid high sugar mixers in your drinks.  Stick to beer, wine or cocktails with no sugar added. I love a good chilled vodka with lime juice and little xylitol for sweetness.

Desserts. Fill up on the good stuff during the main course, fibrous veg, fats and a little protein. Indulge in some good cheese on top of cucumber or radish as a treat. I actually carry cucumber and radish slices with me for just such occasions.

Watch the sugar treats that seem to materialise over Christmas. You know the ones: Lindor chocolates, truffles that look like mini Christmas puds, chips and dip made out of packet soups.  Stick to plain nuts or your own homemade bliss balls, perhaps even some dark chocolate.


Read my ‘5 Tips To Help You Drink Less Alcohol’

Intersperse alcoholic drinks with water; make it sparkling with a squeeze of lime to help you feel a little bit special.

Stick to low carbohydrate and low alcoholic wines and beers. There is a good range and some of it is pretty decent. You won’t feel like you are missing out.


Eat before you go out If you are going to a party and you know it will be a while before the real food appears eat a healthy snack before you go.

Take your own food. If the function is casual take your own food along. Hosts will be thankful that they don’t have the worry of providing something different.

If it’s an organised meal at a function ring the organisers with plenty of notice and explain what you need. Most kitchens are happy to oblige.

So enjoy the holiday season safe in the knowledge that those jeans will still fit you next year.

Do you have any tips for avoiding putting on weight during this time of year?

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