5 Tips to take the stress out of christmas shopping

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The stress of christmas shopping can start in the carpark.

Today’s car stalking episode.

The mall doors slide open and a woman walks out keys in hand, pushing a trolley laidened with enough presents to provide a very-merry-christmas for every kid in the city.

At this point I expected to hear the ark angels sing. I had waited what seemed like a god damned lifetime in the heat of the carpark and it seemed like a small miricle was about to take place.

I followed at a safe distance. Not far enough that another driver might push in but not close enough to be arrested. The woman finally got to her car in what I like to call car-park-Siberia a million kilometres from the entrance and casually unloaded her trolley into the back of the car. Then and only then, she caught my eye and indicated that she was not leaving yet.

In the mean time at least 10 other cars found parks.

To the woman wearing the green culottes, red birkenstocks and a self-satisfied smirk. STOP IT! And may your chardonnay be warm and your christmas lights have a blown bulb.

My 5 tips for keeping the stress out of Christmas shopping:

  1. Get to the mall early.
  2. GET TO THE MALL EARLY! And avoid women in green culottes and red birkies.
  3. Have a list.
  4. Decide on a few things to tick of the list if you can’t find what you want move on and get the next item on the list.
  5. Shop in short bursts.

Short and sweet? Yes, but this list saved me from being completely overwhelmed with absolute panic this year.

5 tips for taking the stress out of christmas shopping

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