7 Simple And Quick Ways You Can Healthy Up Your Day

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Doing things a little differently to healthy up your day is easy peasy.

I have told my daughters, Molly and Lulu, many times, when they struggling to keep on top of things in life, school work etc. There are some essential things they need to help them through, plenty of water, plenty of sleep and healthy food would be my top 3 of those but there are others. These seven things can help you healthy up your day and they seriously don’t take much effort.

7 Simple And Quick Ways You can Healthy Up Your Day

1. Healthy up your skin and digestion by drinking plenty of water

It is recommended we drink 8 to 10 glasses a day. I have a continually full glass beside me while I work and if you a regular reader you know I use a soda stream to make the water seem more like a gin and tonic. I am not one for carrying a bottle everywhere but if I am going out to Zumba or such like I do take a bottle with me. In the Brisbane summer, you can sweat A LOT so it is important to continually replace the fluid lost and then some.

2. Healthy up your body by going for a walk

Or do some other form of exercise that appeals. If you only have 5 – 10 minutes there are all manner of short routines online to get you started.

I find walking combines meditation with fresh air and exercise.

It is the first thing I do in the morning and I enjoy being out before most others an I creepily check on the houses I pass to see who else is up and feel a sort of kinship to the occupiers who share my form of crazy for being out and about at such a ridiculous time. I always come back feeling more connected and ready for the day.

3. Replace One Bad For One Good

Each day take one bad thing and replace it with one good thing. That chocolate you have at night in front of the T.V. Maybe replace it with a chai or turmeric latte. Those chips that are open in the cupboard that you just can’t help snacking on. Throw them out and try a few salted cashews. Keep going in this way until there is nothing bad left and you are the squeaky clean queen in the Land Of All Things Good.


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4. Healthy up your diet by eating more veg

Add veg to everything. It should be the main ingredient that you add all other ingredients to – spinach in your smoothie, cauli scrambled eggs, veggie muffins, chilli with cauliflower rice, vegetable noodle dishes, salads 101 ways.

I consider myself to be a vegetarian who eats meat on the side. Meat is never the main focus for us.

The base of the dish is always vegetables with a little meat to satisfy our carnivorous cravings. Remember the palm of your hand is about the size portion you want and I have ridiculously small hands. Previously I used to dish up the whole thigh portion of chicken now we are content to just eat the top part of the thigh. I buy frozen salmon from Aldi which comes in portions of about 130gm a perfect size for a portion.

With these size portions, you can buy the best, that fillet steak will go so much further.

Stop snacking on rubbish – We all have them, those times in the day when you feel like a little something to help you through. Leave the chips, lollies, sugar-filled yoghurts, muffins and cakes. Choose something which will fill you up and give you nutrients.

  • Nuts
  • Berries and natural Greek yoghurt
  • A square of 85% chocolate spread with nut butter
  • A healthy dip with some vegetables
  • Homemade seed crackers
  • Protein balls
  • Healthy muffins or biscuits
  • Some fresh strawberries

The list is not exhaustive. Be prepared and have some of these foods on hand for when you feel like grazing. Throw all the rubbish foods out so you won’t be tempted.

5. BYO Lunch

Whether you work from home or in an office have your own lunch prepared. We prep ours on Sat night Sun morning so everyone knows what they are eating and no one is caught short with their broccoli around their ankles so to speak.

7 Simple And Quick Ways You can Healthy Up Your Day

Having your lunch prepared means no browsing the takeaway joints, not really knowing what you want, then buying anything because if you don’t eat now you won’t be responsible for your actions.

When you are hungry everything looks good and stuff the nutrients.

How much easier will your days be if you could just grab what you need out of the fridge in the morning and go. If you are the sort of person who won’t stop for breakfast because you wanted 10 more minutes with your eyes closed your prep could also include your breakfast. Pinterest is a great source of healthy ideas for pre-prepared meals. Give it a go.

6. Reduce stress

Stress is a killer. When we feel stressed our bodies pump out cortisol which is toxic to the brain. There is no place for stress in your life.

I kill 2 birds with one stone and meditate while I walk or do yoga. If you don’t feel able to do that take 5 minutes a couple of times a day to do some breathing or self-massage (I do this in the car while at the lights) my neck, hands, head, arms.

Even 5 minutes relaxation can activate your parasympathetic system, the enemy of stress.

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7. Go to bed early

Head to bed a little earlier even 15 mins extra sleep a night can boost your brain power. You ‘The Bachelor’ fans can find out who got the rose tomorrow.

I love the winter months because I can snuggle up with my heat pack and camomile tea, read for 10 minutes, do my breathing and then sleep.

Sleeping is so much more preferable to watching more tv. Give it a go for a week or two and see how much better and more alive you feel.

Turn off from social media and news sights for a couple of weeks and see if you truly miss them. I swear when you are 80 you won’t be saying damn I wish I’d watched that video of the cat playing dead while I had the chance. My life would be so much more complete

Go forth and healthify your day.

What little things do you add to your day to make it just that bit healthier?

For a detailed guide on how to healthy up your day head over to Nutrition Advance and see this article: 

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7 simple and quick way you can healthy up your day

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