7 Ways To Spoil Yourself On A Budget These Holidays

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We all need a bit of spoiling from time to time and at this time of year even more so. It is important for your health that you keep your stress levels down. So here is how to do it on a budget.

Cortisol is the hormone that is released when you are stressed. If stress levels are high for long periods cortisol can cause health problems such as: cardiovascular disease, fertility problems, anxiety, weight gain and digestive problems.

7 ways to spoil yourself on a budget these holidays

When your partner does a little squeak after spying you with your face mask and eyebrow dye on, your hair pushed back and cotton balls between your toes assure him that you are looking after you health.

1. Buy some nice candles and have a relaxing bath

I bought a beautiful soy candle from K-mart for $6 with the most divine smell. It’s in a little jar so when it’s finished I’ll make my own mixture to refill it.

2. Use a luscious, scented bath bomb in your bath

No need to spend a fortune at Lush. Try making them yourself. You are sure to find something you like in this article on The Morning Chores site with 34 gorgeous bombs to choose from. I wanted to make them all. We’ve given homemade bombs as presents to Molly and Lulu’s teachers this year and they have gone down a treat. I couldn’t fail to notice the faraway look in their eyes as they imagined relaxing in a bath, it is certainly a little better than the manic stare most of them are wearing at this time of year.

Many self-care products are loaded with chemicals that are not doing good things to our health so to be able to spend time pampering with products that you know are safe and gentle is taking self-care to a better level. To read about the toxins found in our bathrooms and non-toxic alternatives check out this epic post at Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

3. Have a coffee or a cup of tea with a small piece of special chocolate

I love 85% Lindt and I’ve just discovered Well Naturally chocolate which I have in the fridge for treats

Sit in a quiet spot with a book or magazine but definitely NO ELECTRONICS to enjoy your coffee. I like to do this when there is an electrical storm rolling in so that I can sit and watch. Weird? Maybe

4. Watch something you enjoy on T.V.

Do you tape your favourite shows like me? Get your chores done then sit down and enjoy watching one with no interruptions.

Rent a movie you would like to see.

5. Get dressed in a pretty dress and have coffee out

Find a great place close to home and sit and enjoy a nice coffee while you watch the world go buy.

6. Put on a face mask

While it is doing its job read a book. You could also combine this with tip numbers 1, 2 and 3 and 4. Multi-tasking is what we women do best.

7. Buy a pretty nail varnish and give yourself a pedicure

I always feel better when my feet look pretty and cared for.

What do you do to de-stress? Do you have any budget tips?


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