How To Have The Best Mental Self-Care Day

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I am declaring an amazing mental self-care day for you.

This is going to be awesome!

How To Have The Best Self-Care Day

You get to put down those 50 hats you are wearing and put on just one, your most favorite one, the one that truly suits you, has your name on it and nothing else. Now, doesn’t that feel like your head is floating on a cloud? Oh, and there is wine. Winning!

Every day there should little time to switch off, re-center and come back to the present. Time to step out into the fresh air, breathe in, put our faces to the sun and take care of ourselves.

Better than that though is to take a whole day to yourself. A fabulously luxurious mental self-care day.

Taking a whole day for yourself on a regular basis should be a priority. It only has to be once a month. But that day should be wholely about you.

It is important that you take time for you and use it to pamper yourself and do the things you really love to do. It will make you a better you and it will improve your relationships because, well,  you will be a better you.

You can do whatever you want on this day, sort of. We don’t want you lying in bed watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, so this is my self-care guideline to help you make it the best day ever.

You don’t want,

to take time out of this special day organizing what you want to do next or worse rocking up to your favorite restaurant or that show you wanted to see only to be turned away.

Work out in advance what you want to do and where you want to go, if anywhere. There is no rule that says you have to leave home. However, if you have family members that are going to be home it may be more beneficial for you to head out of the house for the day.

Check out if there are any shows or exhibitions in town that you want to see.

Make any bookings that are needed such as spas, guided tours, a gold class session at the movies or restaurants.

Let people know that you will be unavailable for this day. If you have children organize an alternative contact for them in case they need it.

Start getting into the mood the night before. You could take a bath and listen to some soft music. Ensure you will wake up feeling good by not eating a huge meal or drinking too much alcohol. Get to bed at a reasonable time.

On the day,

don’t laze in bed and waste your precious time. Get up and enjoy the early morning in the quiet. Make yourself your favorite hot drink and savor the anticipation.

What your mental self-care day might look like if you stay home:

plan what you will want to eat before the day and perhaps prepare a couple of healthy meals. Maybe a low carb Buddha bowl or two and some healthy snacks. This saves you wasting your precious time preparing food.

Perhaps you could start with a cup of whatever hot drink you enjoy and a bowl of healthy muesli while you run yourself a bath. Make sure to add your favorite essential oil.

Before you get into the bath apply a

  • Hair treatment. This one from Coco and Eve is a luxurious treat and comes with a gorgeous turban and a detangle brush.
  • Face mask. This Australian pink clay mask is fabulous for smoothing out the texture of your skin and improving fine lines.

All the beauty products I recommend are natural.

Enjoy a nice long soak and while you listen to some soft music and ensure the book you are currently reading is within easy reach.

When you get out of the bath wash your hair and face in the shower then give yourself a facial.

Don’t forget to give your hands and feet some attention with a pedicure and manicure.

Dress in your comfy clothes but make sure they have a little style. Beautiful soft bamboo loungewear is super luxe to wear. It is important that you enjoy what you are wearing today. Wear your best ‘around the house’ clothes so there is a feeling of difference from the time you usually spend at home.

When you have finished pampering yourself move on to your next planned activity.

Ideas for activities are:

  • Restorative yoga – Try this really realaxing yin routine with Allie – The Journey Junkie
  • Watch a movie
  • Read
  • Meditate
  • If your budget allows it, book a massage to come to you
  • Order healthy food to be delivered

I would recommend not watching T.V. all day. You will get to the end of the day feeling frustrated and tired. A movie or a show is perfectly acceptable then be strong, turn it off and get on with all the other fabulous things you have planned.

What your mental self-care day might look like if you go out:

Get up early and sit in the quiet with your favorite hot drink.

Go for a walk in the park.

Head to your favorite cafe for some breakfast while you have a good read or perhaps just some people watching.

Ideas for what you might like to do next:

Get a massage or facialTake a yoga classGo to a movie – make it a gold class where you can recline with a glass of wine.Wander around your favorite Art Gallery or even get a guided tour.Go to a show you’ve been wanting to see.Get a beautiful glass of wine in that new, ultra-classy wine bar.Go to the zoo.Enjoy watching the street entertainers while sipping a coffee.

As the day draws to an end head to a restaurant for an early dinner and treat yourself to a glass of wine.

There is no rule about meeting friends for coffee or a meal but today should be about you and a healthy dose of self-absorption. If meeting friends is what you would like why not make it for a coffee so you still have plenty of time to do everything else.

It is important that you approach this mental self-care day with mindfulness making sure you are completely in the moment with each new activity you do.

Do you take a self-care day from time to time? What do you do?

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