Low Energy? 11 Ways To Increase Energy Levels Throughout The Day

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Have you been struggling with low energy?

Are you feeling so tired you have to drag your sorry ass out of bed every morning before shuffling to the bathroom trying hard not to look in the mirror because you’re afraid of what you might see?

Metabolic burnout or low energy is the result of many years of lack of sleep, poor diet, over-the-counter medications, lack of exercise and hormone imbalance. It is all too common among women over 40.

What The Heck is Mitochondria?

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. They are like tiny factories that turn food and oxygen into energy-rich molecules for the cell. These little factories are sensitive and are easily damaged by toxins, infections, allergens and BAD FOOD.

When the mitochondria are not working properly the most common symptom will be fatigue and low energy along with brain fog, memory loss, and faster ageing. I for one will fight tooth and nail to not have that last symptom and am willing to try any natural remedy to improve it.

Here’s how to boost your energy allowing you to think more clearly and move with more ease in just a few easy steps throughout the day?

Hands Off The Snooze Button!

When we hit the snooze we are giving our brain the runaround and confusing it. “Are we waking up or not?”. It can take 2-4 hours for the resulting fogginess to wear off and double whammy your brain will now be confused about when it needs to start getting tired again.

When the alarm goes off get up and start moving.

Put A Little Light On The Situation

Artificial or natural, the brain is not fussy. Personally, I like to ease into it and in the winter prefer just a few easy on the eye lights to be on but more light will wake you up quicker.

Ease Into The Day

Running around the house in a frenetic crazy way is just that, crazy. Have a routine that allows you to ease into it. It only needs to be 5 minutes or so.

I wash my face and brush my teeth, get dressed and have a couple of brazil nuts and a glass of water to start my metabolism. Then I put on my shoes and grab the dog’s leash. Guess what comes next…

Start Moving

Even if you like some rigorous exercise in the morning it is beneficial to start slow. Maybe with a walk. It warms up the muscles and gets the heart moving.

I walk the dog every morning and I love that time to set my intention for the day and maybe go through some visualisation and meditation. By the time I get home I am ready to dive into the day which usually begins with another wee snack and some further exercise of a more rigorous nature. I do a low impact HIIT routine which I have just discovered and love because it is no fuss, and easy. Strength one day, cardio the next.

Have few nuts to boost your energy and keep you going until breakfast time.

Eat Breakfast

To keep your energy levels up until your next snack, eat a breakfast that is a mix of unrefined carbs with a little lean protein and healthy fats.

Think nut and seed muesli with berries and Greek or coconut yoghurt, or an egg on top of a grain free muffin with avocado.

Beat That Afternoon Slump

Energy often drops in that 2-4 pm period. The hormones that get us up and moving in the morning have levelled off and your blood sugar is dropping.

Have a small snack, protein and fibre will boost your blood sugar– perhaps a seed cracker with nut butter or avocado.

If you can go for a 5-minute walk or do some easy yoga moves to get the blood flowing you will give your energy that much needed boost.


Stay Hydrated

Water helps your cells produce energy so keep those energy powerhouses happy by hydrating yourself throughout the day.

Don’t Go Hungry

Eat regularly to keep your blood sugar level and you won’t experience the highs and lows of going too long without food and perhaps resorting to foods that give you a quick energy boost followed by a crash.

  • Refined sugar
  • Energy drinks
  • Coffee – a little caffeine can give you an energy boost but too much can cause an energy crash. A small hit of caffeine in the morning can kick-start your energy for the rest of the day.
  • Chocolate
  • High sugar fruits
  • Tea
  • Refined carbohydrates


Stress will zap your energy faster than heat-seeking missile on a mission. Get rid of that energy sponger by letting go of thoughts about the past or worrying about the future. Concentrate on the now and immerse yourself in it.


Cortisol that devil's own hormone which is produced in times of stress and has a lot to answer for including our spare tyres. No not the one on the car, the one around our middles. All though it is cortisol that gets moving in the morning it is Cortisol that will feed off your energy later in the day leaving you feeling lethargic. Meditation is a very effective way of reducing cortisol levels in our bodies. Even 5 minutes of meditation works wonders. If you have time for 10-20 minutes a day even better.


Your cells will receive more oxygen, which will slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and improve circulation, ultimately providing you with more energy. Best of all it is free and you can do it anywhere

Do some deep breathing whenever you feel your energy start to dip. Try the 4-7-8 method suggested by Dr Andrew Weil.

Get Outside

Getting outdoors will help reduce stress hormones.

Exposure to a moderate amount of sunlight will also help Vitamin D production which can lower anxiety, increase calcium absorption and temporarily shut down melatonin production, the hormone which makes us drowsy and helps us sleep.

Remember though the sun is still one of the main causes of skin cancer so no more than 15 minutes or so of direct sunlight per day.

How do you fight low energy?

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