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  1. I actually have my daily planner and 3 journals. My main one is like you’ve described. It is totally free form. I just write whatever comes to mind, usually what I’m feeling about particular things that are happening in my life as well as a brain dump of everything that’s going on. I find as I’m writing I can often solve dilemmas that I may have as it helps soothe my thoughts. Then I have a Project/Ideas Journal and my Gratitude Journal. I use notes from my first journal to organise my thoughts into my other journals and my daily planner.

    1. I love this Cathy, journaling is really a great way to work things out. Currently, I am doing a 90 day Captain and the Crew journal. For ninety days you write 6 or 7 things that you would like to have in your life as if you already do. For example one of mine is “I have an abundance of beautiful clients that need my support and accountability.” I also do gratitudes on the next page. I like the idea of a project/ideas journal. I may need another notebook.

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