A Super Easy Guideline For Enjoying A Healthy Life

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You’ve been chugging along for years. Eating and drinking what you want and convincing yourself that if you walk briskly enough to the letterbox it can be counted as exercise and you can call yourself healthy.

Now you’re at a point where you know you’re not feeling as good as you could. You put on weight, not much just a kilo or so a year but it’s adding up.

You get colds or just feel ‘off’ more regularly than you would like.

Even your skin looks tired.

Healthy is not some ghostly apparition that only appears to the chosen few. It is for everyone. This is my super easy and practical guideline for getting you back on track to being healthy and enjoying life.

Eat For Your Gut

Our gut has been described as our second brain and with over 90% of the feel-good drug serotonin coming from our gut you want to be treating it with kid gloves.

With about 75% of our immune system being in the gut, we need to take care of the community of bacteria that live within and feed them well.

Probiotics from fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, miso or yoghurt. Prebiotics from fibre rich foods such as asparagus, onion, fennel, savoy cabbage, flaxseed, and beans are all great foods for feeding the bacteria in our gut and keeping the balance that is so important.

Try to include some of these foods in every meal.

For a more comprehensive list see my post –

A List Of The Best Foods For A Healthy Gut

Drink Plenty Of Water

I know how hard this can be in the winter when it is cold.

Try fizzy water. We use a soda stream and the water consumption in our house has risen considerably.

Before you have that wine or drink that coffee get into the habit of having a little water first.

Water plumps up that skin, cleans out your kidneys and lubricates your joints.

Lord knows I need help in all three of those areas.

Water is truly the elixir of life. Although in my world so is coffee and wine without water, there would be no coffee or wine so I suppose we are back to water being top dog. Go water!

Get Enough Sleep

Is it really necessary to watch that 5th re-run of that episode of Friends where Ross gets a spray tan? You know how it ends. For health’s sake go to bed and sleep instead.

While asleep your body releases hormones that promote tissue repair and soothes your stress hormones.

A good night’s sleep has been shown to trigger more leptin in the body. Leptin is the hormone which tells you when you are hungry, allowing you to eat less.

So you can actually lose weight while you sleep. Boo-yah!

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep see my posts-

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Build Strength

Besides the obvious advantages of weight loss and muscle tone that resistance or strength exercises can give you there is a long list of other benefits that include but is not limited to:

  • better flexibility and balance
  • increased bone density
  • reduction of stress and anxiety
  • lower blood pressure
  • better sleep
  • improved sense of wellbeing

You can achieve great results in as little as 10 minutes a day with the key being persistence.

Keep it up.

Ten minutes is as long as it takes to have a cup of coffee.

Or shout at the kids for leaving banana skins in the door pocket of the car until they are no longer recognisable as banana skins and are the source of the smell that has been permeating the interior for the last month.

Not a particularly large chunk of time out of your day and if any chunk of time is important it would be this. So is getting rid of those banana skins but that won’t improve your stress levels like this will.

There is a link to a short exercise routine in my post-

7 Habits of Top Fitness Experts That You Can Do Too

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of noticing what is and not minding what isn’t.

That glass of milk that your surly tween just managed to slop all over the floor on their way to their room which looks more like accommodation for the local population of rats than a bedroom.

That is what is.

Mindfulness is accepting that.

You on a beach in Ibiza in a hot, white bikini with a rum cocktail to your lips,

That is what isn’t

Mindfulness is accepting that.

Difficult? Only if you don’t practice.

For ideas on meditation anytime, anywhere see my post –

Meditate Anytime, Anywhere And Start Re-building Your Brain Now

So now you have the tools to make a start get on that road today and see an improvement in 2 to 4 weeks. I guarantee you will feel and see the difference.

I would love to hear your stories good or bad so let me know how you do.



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